The rare sighting of the Spirit Bear is a symbol of hope and healing. I am posting it in time for the Virgo Full Moon. March 8th. It brings to light how well we blend the analytical awareness of the mind with the compassionate wisdom of the heart. May it be so



“Spirit Bear” – Coastal British Columbia, Canada – Iain Williams – Featured Photographer

I remember the first time I ever saw a photo of this beautiful bear was in National Geographic magazine several years ago.  This photograph would have blended in well with the article. I can’t help but think of this spirit bear as being a wise old elder at the sacred fishing grounds.  Iain does an amazing job of not only capturing the bear’s expression, but the fish as well.   Please read the story and then visit Ian’s just as spectacular blog and website!

Here is Iain:

The Kermode Bear (Ursus americanus kermodei) is a sub species of the American Black Bear.  It lives deep within the temperate rainforest in British Columbia, Canada and is often referred to as the Spirit Bear.  The creamy-white coloring of the bear’s coat is not caused by albinism…

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One thought

  1. Carol, I really like the photo and poem together. If I believe in the divine it’s because of nature’s exuberance of beauty.

    (This is for 3/8. I can’t find a way to comment on current posts)


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