turning away from the everyday

you may come upon a tree in a pond

floating among white flowers

then you will know down to your bones

that real magic is not an illusion

nor a dream

but that which takes your breath away

if only for a second.

Carol Carlisle


This magic happened at the Marin French Cheese Factory near Petaluma CA

11 thoughts

  1. Carol, are you thinking about publishing your poems and pictures in one publication? I would definitely be a customer. These words were amazingly meditative in a few short lines. I have no poetry talent in my skill set and tend to not go in a poetic direction. Your writing has changed that. Thanks for posting.


  2. This photograph on my 27 inch Apple screen is just stupendous. How do you do it? I want to just keep looking and looking at it, but I have so much else to do!!!


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