A Ramblin’ Rose.

The red don Juan rose against the blue shingles was the reason

I chose to buy this house over 25 years ago.

A plumber cut it to the ground once

but it just keeps crusin’ up the side of wall.

For everyone who Beeped me yesterday I found this: A Labor of love that someone worked really hard to put together. It is perfect combination of the Art and Music of the 1950. Ramblers and Rock and Roll. The page after it you may find the Purple People Eater. How old were you when that came out?

Rambling With LeRoy

My grandfather always had Ramblers.

the big Ambassadors

the ones with a big wide shelf across

the back  so big I could lay on it

and watch big animal clouds

float by on  the drive to Oklahoma City

Then one year someone

talked him into an Edsel

he died the next.

Revenge of the Rambler

or curse of the Edsel?

or the end of a life

as a Wild Cater in the

Kansas and Oklahoma oil fields.


Interesting where I go when I let go and ramble. Thanks for crusin’ along with me. Happy ramblin’ one and all.

5 thoughts

  1. Yesterday’s blog was really good. Created a lot of memories for several folks. I think everyone enjoyed it! And I do remember seeing a Nash Ambassador in your drive. I think I mentioned a while back about that Fraiser your dad had and did some work on. Then . . . there is the Hudson Jet. I think you learned to drive in that car didin’t you?? lol And by the way, beautiful roses!!



    1. Oh yes the Hudson Jet I was going to mention that today. I believe you taught me to drive it. Stick shift on the steering column I do believe. The roses are showing off this year aren’t they?


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