Music and Joy Align

I had a wonderful time searching youtube for just the right video production of  The Planets Transit of Venus. I liked this one the best for the art work and the quotes about both the planet and the Goddess Venus. I do encourage you to give yourself the 9 minutes  to enjoy it sometime between now and the actual Transit of Venus June 4-5.

Ever since I listened and watched it I have the little Sunday School song “Love Lifted Me” stuck in my head.  In a way that is the job of the Goddess Love to lead us to a higher plain. Her counterpart Mars challenges and competes in relationships creates war. Venus tends and befriends, creates art and beauty, harmony and peace. Lifts us up. Venus tames Mars anger.

So next week she will be aligned the middle of the Sun the source of all physical light and life on our planet Earth.  My hope is we humans will get a download of  heart energy  and we will be able to see what we don’t normal see about ourselves.

The unconscious female will rise out of the sea. Literally, the first and longest views of Venus passing in front of the the Sun will begin in the Pacific ocean  some where near Tahiti. Metaphors and archetypes we have known and lived with for centuries are being physically acted out on the celestial screen of our own sky.  It is an opportunity for ask to know what is the next step to take in becoming “peaceful, creative, evolving being. Add your own action verb as you please.


You might want to Ground with the core of the Earth, Offer Roses to The Sea or any body of water as gifts to Venus, and Joyfully Meditation listening and looking. for a message from the Goddess of Love.

Time? 6pm PST Venus will be in the Center of the Sun

Five petal rose, the orbit of Venus creates a 5 pointed star as it aligns with the the Earth every 18 months. The Babylonians and Egyptians were aware of these patterns and used them for planting and even flood control. We should be so smart.

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