Gemini Full Moon

Moon cycles

Moon cycles

This Full Moon Is not just a pretty face,  it is also a signal  for the time of change that we expected would happen during 2012. A time of letting go, ask yourself  “if it doesn’t grow corn, what is the use of it?”

“Tuesday Full Moon is in Gemini. With the Moon in the sign of curiosity and intellectual potential and with Mercury close to the Sun we have an opportunity to take home with us now a non-material reward from the efforts of our recent days, weeks and even years, in a form of transcendent wisdom that will last us longer than any of the trinkets encountered in the current holiday season.

The seminal 20th century psychologist James Hillman says: True wisdom consists not alone in the accumulation of the years but more primarily in the storing up of the initiations that we have gone through and successfully surmounted, and the lessons that we have thereby learned.”

  For more about this Full Moon from Henry Seltzer go to Astrograph he has readings for each sign as well.

Mars And Uranus Create Challenging Days Ahead

I Write an astrology blog as Carolisle which I sometimes reblog here but today I thought the information was was too important  to pass on casually so here is the full post

May we all stay in the pot and out of the fire in the days to come.

May we all stay in the pot and out of the fire in the days to come.

With all my heart and soul I wish I could empty a Big Dipper’s full of all cool refreshing peace and love on to the planet Earth every day for the next two weeks. Gentle mindful attention to our thoughts words and deeds, is what is needed to counter act the influences of Mars and Aries and Uranus at odd with Pluto. Each sign and planet alone are benign but as they gather and align at odd to one another our hearts and minds will over heat and we can over react. This will affect individual as well as counties.

Ralfi Finn’s  Aquarium Age explains it like this:

Currently, Mars is conjunct Uranus, in Aries. This is a highly volatile combination because Uranus, already unstable, amplifies that Martian need to move and that excites nervous systems beyond reasonable limits. Sleep is disturbed. Tempers are testy. And the need to relieve the tension can turn a minor brouhaha into a major brawl.  Pay attention: This conjunction is exact and separating on March 22, and as many of you know by now, we don’t feel the full effect of these pernicious interactions until they start pull apart. The problem with this particular separation is Pluto: As Mars disengages from Uranus it forms a square to Pluto that amplifies the potential for violence. This square is exact and separating on March 26.

How the Stars Can Comfort

Prayer and meditation, counting to ten or just taking deep breaths before acting is what we as individuals can do. I have been taught over and over that astrology is here not so much to predict or prophesy but to shine a light on the path ahead so we don’t step in the potholes. Today I hope I have a big enough spot light. Maybe if you pass this on our lights together can make a difference.

Taurus Full Moon Opens A Door To Practical Magic

We attended a party to celebrate the installation and completion of this door. It is a perfect example of the practical magic of  Taurus Full Moon. We  drank champagne and ate strawberries all because the front door in a small bungalow has been turned into a work of art through loving attention and hard work. All qualities of the Venus ruled sign of Taurus.

Here is a suggestion of another way to open the door of practical Tuarus Full Moon  magic .

This Monday, October 29, at 6:30 pm Pacific Time, all are called on to do a 15-minute meditation, just do it in your own home, parked car, on a break from work, or whatever works best.

PURPOSE: To Set the intention of happy, calm interactions with Money and Finances.    Clear your mind, make a smile and a happy feeling, apply that feeling to the thought of Money and the Economy, and send it out on a sound. You Can Om  or drum or rattle (your keys) even sigh. I hear that if many people do this, there will be a profound shift in the atmosphere around this topic.  This is so needed right now to make it easy for people to avoid feelings of anxiety and fear on this topic.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR SPREADING PEACEFUL, HAPPY FEELINGS IN THE WORLD ABOUT THIS.

While the Moon is in Taurus the Sun is in Scorpio, the sign of all thing unseen and in the underworld…our deepest fears. This Moon might shine light on your own darkest places. Painful but enlightening. My friend  and I had to laugh when I told her  about the dark places, because she is having the plumber come fix her sewer pipes during this full moon.

May all our pipes be washed clean. May we be freed of fears of shame and humiliation.

May all you who are in the path of Sandy be safe and dry.

Stepping Into Tides of Change

Choosing to participate in the tides of change is better then being drug down by the undertow.

I don’t mean to sound dire, I just want just giving you a heads up that one of the many shifts of this year will begin at weeks end.  October 5th  Saturn the stern father and manners and structure keeper will move into the sign of Scorpio. This will  demand we dive deeper in all the relationships we have come upon in the last 2 years while Saturn was in Libra.  Now remember, relationships are not just human partnerships. Think of anything that has called for a great deal of your attention and or admiration: the new electronic gadget,  a piece of land, a critter a candidate… you get the drill.  Don’t be too surprised if in the next few weeks something or someone unexpected may come into realm of awareness to demand you attention.  The hidden will be made known!

Some of you, or those around you may have already had a “September Surprise” good or bad. Look to them as foreshadowing of things to come.  Now that I have said that remember the Secret of Alchemy is what you put your attention on is what you manifest.  Do Not Cultivate Fear!

Here are a couple helpful site for wading in the water of change.

Just One Thing offers practical  meditation from the author of  The Buddha’s Brain .

Ralfi Finn The Aquarium Age digs deeper into depths of Saturn in Scorpio.

Full Moon Comming Soon

Yesterday we floated away on Moon River today we get to take a ride around the real Moon. Enjoy the music while you read my report on the cosmic happenings.

Tender, sensitive, creative, are just a few key words for the up coming Full Moon in Aries opposite the sign of Libra of balance and relationships ruled by Venus Goddess of love and peace. This alignment ought to be bring us breathing space in this painfully fraught world.  Please take every opportunity to see peace, be the peace. Unfortunately emotions looked after by the moon which will conjunct Uranus in Aries which is in the throws of squaring Pluto  so we are more likely to feel the raw rub of these two planets at frictional angles to each other all week and through the week end. Full Moon exact Sat. September 29, 7: 19 PST.

All this is taking place in the interpersonal realm but since the Moon is involved we will make us feel it deep in our bellies.  We need to listen to our gut reaction intuitions while at the same time be careful not to project our fears and anxieties onto the world around us. Great time to pull out any Zen training that helps us figure out what is yours, mine or ours.

 Be Ye Kind reads the little plaque I made in Sunday School a long time ago.  Today I dusted it off and put it  in a prominent place that I can see every day.  Isn’t it time we dusted off those simple reminders and payed attention to them. What would your Plaque say?

Remember we are all connected the Moon video came from Anne Bonnie  whose interesting and quirky blog is  Gun Smoke and Knitting. Thank you Anne 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life with Rainbow Man and Bodhisattva

Photo taken at our locals street fair. I tried to snap a candid when these two strangers posed for me  in the late afternoon sun.

One of these two people is the Rainbow Man both are Bodhisattvas.  I love this word even the way it sounds, In Buddhism a Bodhisattva is one who has achieved enlightenment  or nirvana and chosen to stay in the world to help guide and protect their fellow human beings . You can think of many founders of world religions, saints and perhaps angels who were Bodhisattva. I believe we they exist among us all the time. And from time to time we can be that ourselves, even if it’s just for a moment, like the time we hold the door open for a stranger then give them a big smile. Who knows how that act simple act may affect the rest of the day.

The Story of the Rainbow Man.  Is he was once, in his own words, addicted to travel.  If you look closely the medallion he is wearing, it is a Tibetan Wheel. Nothing you could buy at your local gift shop. He went for many years never staying in one place for more than 5 months. He has now settled down in a space in Berkeley where he has a dance and art studio and makes his own costumes. He makes a living as a street performer.  As many of you guessed he really does want to make people smile. At the end of a very long day he got the lovely police woman laughing and smiling and giving him advise on the best spot for his next performance. I suspect she is quite the Bodhisattva herself.

FYI The Rainbow man mentioned that he also has 6 foot wings he often adds to his already astounding costume. He does it just for the AWE factor! To see the peoples faces light up. How many of us could pull that off.

Below is yesterday’s post from Carolisle blog but I think the Celestial news and the TV news need to be woven together as we step through the door way of change.

The  external revelation is being televised as I write.

But that internal change, letting go, expansion or up-against-the-wall personal revolution will not be televised.  What was once dependable patterns will no longer hold. This week and next look for shifts that are far beyond anything you ever expected.

Time Line

Virgo New Moon September 15.  Plant seeds of kindness in thought word and deed. Set intention to become the Bodhisattva, Angel, or Girl Scout you have always known you were called to be. As always being good to yourself comes first. Please, I beg you ,don’t believe the mindset that says: you are a failure or not enough. Jettison those thoughts completely off this planet. Every cruel thought arrow you turn on yourself or others hurts. Brain sciences has proven that your mind can’t tell the difference between “just” thoughts and actions.

Sept. 18-19 Pluto Ruler of the Dramatic obsessive depths turns around comes out of hiding and slams into Uranus God of revolutionary change. We are already feeling the rumblings of this interaction. Pluto squaring Uranus  not a sudden out of the blue moment it has been in the works since March 2011 and will Become exact for the second time on these days.

“Many of us are already suffering with soul fatigue, especially those of us trying to make ends meet or working overtime to help others to make it through to safer ground. But because this square is a symbol for cultural and collective revolution, and because it always signifies social unrest, many of us are also suffering from the despair that our global situation may not change as quickly as it needs to for future generations to flourish. This would not be the moment to give up hope. Revolution happens one heart at a time, and yours could be the heart that makes the difference.” Ralfi Finn The Aquarium Age