From Free Write Friday‘s I have the seed word Freedom

Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts asked my to plant a List poem

And  I watered it with my  response to my own Wonder Wednesday photo. Enjoy.

Charged with the

constraints of Family

She takes sanctuary in the



hold her as she holds her book

now fallen closed.


sets up a conversation

with the wind

She sings that songs

we all knew before we wore born.


pours forth the wise

rhythm of change

ever lapping at Her feet


burns all obstacles and


Her to become the

moment of


the whole World


20 thoughts

    1. and I was wondering why you didn’t do it. I thought it was one you could get behind especially after your nice essay on rest today. I’m just glad you caught up with it. Happy Sunday.


    1. Lulled, good always happy to oblige. Your prompt knocked me out because I was polishing this up when I read your FWF post. You keep reading my mind don’t you love it when the universe works like that. Oh and thanks Heart back ❤


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