Tom Cowan Celtic Scholar and author explains, what we call loop poems, whose lines end and begin with the same words, this way in his book Yearning for the Wind.

“This book was conceived on the idea that shapes this [these] poems. Namely, that all things are connected, and twine around one another, and wave in and out of the many strands of life. One thing leads to another; everything folds back onto itself and onto all the rest. Nothing stands alone.” He goes on to say:

“Find ways to write poems like this from your own experience. Write them about places, people, situations, objects and events of your life.”

The example he gives is from the Gaelic poet Amergin about the first time he stepped foot on the shores of Ireland , he sang:

I invoke the land of Ireland:

Forceful, the fertile sea;

Fertile, the lush highlands;

Lush, the the showery woods;

Showery, the river of water falls;

Of waterfalls, the lake of deep-pools;

Deep-pooled, the hilltop well;

Welling, the people of gatherings;

Gathering, the tribes of Tara;

I invoke the land of Ireland.

Finally he suggests: “Write and keep these invocations and add to them. They are simple formulas for celebrating the moments of your life.”

I wonder if they might be a way for us  of weaving together our world; holding it together keeping it safe. Last night I read so many blog postings of sadness, sickness and pain I felt there must be something the poet can do. So if each of us twine together our own lives maybe we can hold each other together:

I invoke he steel cables of the Golden Gate Bridge

singly strong together powerful;

Powerfully connecting land to land;

Landing safely on the other shore;

Shoring up our connection one to another;

I invoke the Cables that hold us to each other.

I long to see your looping invocations. Feel free to use my photo or any of your own that also weaves your life together. Also, feel free to write anything else this picture might inspire.

As Always:

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Kindly remark on each others words as we weave together a community of writers and readers.

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