It’s Summer and we are out and about moving and traveling.

How do write about our adventuring?

I have been thinking how using “ing” keeps us in the present.  “I live,” becomes , “living.”  Try going about your life narrating your everyday activities.   “I am on a journey” becomes “journeying  down a winding road…”

Walt Whitman in  Song of Myself writes

Myself moving forward then and now and forever,
Gathering and showing more always and with velocity,

Go ahead and travel down this road or use your own photo of where you went-a-journeying.

Add a nod to Wonder Wednesday for others to find and come along for the ride, too.

Post it on your blog and share it in the comments so we can travel with you.

Visit one another’s sites to make new friends.  Happy trails.

If you are new to Wonder Wednesday you might like to check out other prompts on the Wonder Wonder Wednesday Words page.


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