Next Wednesday August 1st is Laghnasa or Lamas and a Full Moon. Often called the First Harvest.  Lamas is the season opposite Candelmass or Groundhog Day when we first set our feet upon the path for the year, first milk flowed and ice began to melt.

This  week we are offered a time to reflect upon what has come to fruition, grown, bloomed or is still ripening since then.  Those of us in the blogesphere can look back and see what were thinking and writing and how we have grown expanded our connection with the world. What has caught fire in our heart and is in full bloom now.

What one might write

A prayer of gratitude

A reflection of the warmth of this season to be read over the winter hearth

A remembrance of seasons past

A promise to live within the rhythms of our Earth

And as always, you are free to use this photo and write what ever else it might inspire for your blog.  No deadline!

Give WW a nod and post a link in my comment section.

Fruitful writing Dear ones,


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