Let The Games Begin! Sunflowers vs Squirrels

I waited one day too long to take a picture of my sunflower! The first thing I heard from the husband the morning was:

“Honey, you won’t like this! You’ll be mad at the squirrel but he has your sunflower”

As I grabbed my camera I shouted: “If I can’t have my flower at least I’ll have a picture!” I got two

He looked me straight in the eye and dared me to come get it.

Sunflower down

Sunflower up! In a splint there are still buds on the plant. Any ideas how to keep them safe from the wily beastie?

I guess I should file this under my own Prompt from yesterday of Ripening. You get critters when who want to share your crop when things ripen!

12 thoughts on “Let The Games Begin! Sunflowers vs Squirrels

  1. Lol I wish I could help. I am not laughing at you, just with you. I have given up planting sunflowers. I love them, but except for guarding them 24/7 I have no idea. Great photos.


    • I’m laughing, too! He really is teaching us the meaning of “trickster” I did get a picture to be proud of. 24 hour guard Hmmm I hope there all in London this week 😉 Thanks for the concern.


  2. Really good pictures Carol. We have so many of those “stupid” squirrel’s!! Mary gets so mad at them because she tries to feed the birds in the bird feeders and the squirrels can get to it somehow. Guess they aren’t really “stupid” then are they. lol



  3. Like your “when life gives you squirrels take pictures” post…
    Squirrels are always one step ahead of you, unless the deer get there first 😦
    Thanks for sharing.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


  4. Amazing that was one of the choices for a title! But I gave a nod to the Olympics. Deer oh dear…somehow they can’t get to us Knock on wood 😉 Being from Maine you must know of which you speak!


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