Daily Post: Palace of Earthly Desires

Shop theater

What was once a grand old movie palace is now a 99 cent store. It might be sad to see the old elegant old building filled with junk, however this store has canned goods, clothes, as well as, fresh fruits and vegetables so it has become a good place for low income and homeless folks to shop surround by beauty.

Beautiful butCrumbling facade

Beautiful but crumbling facade

For me it’s a great place for whimsical party decorations, gift boxes and art supplies. Heck, I couldn’t pass up a $1 pound of sugar. Every time I go to the “dollar store” I always feel like a little girl again going to the dime store with my pennies tied in the corner or a hankie I don’t remember what I bought but I do remember the smell of pop corn and waxed hardwood floors. Daily Post suggested we write about what we desire, well the Palace of my Earthly Desire is: to go  back to Kress 5 and Dime on Grand Ave. in Ponca City, Oklahoma. What is yours?

A Storm Story with a Blessing of Marmalade

IMG_0623Marmalade on pumpkin bagel,

one bite crunch, then

crack! The storm breaks outside.

Does she have time to finish

before running for shelter?

“Might as well enjoy it” she thinks,

“this may be the last food for a while”. Crack! rethinking,

she stuffs the sticky treat into her pocket, calls the

Last look out her window

Just before a storm

dog and they run toward the basement

just as kitchen windows shatters…


Friends around the world this is fiction! Tuesday Tryouts by Margo Rody suggested we write about eating and weather. Having grown up running for the cellar on more than one occasion, it was easy to imagine this story. Of course tornadoes are on everyone’s mind with twister’s still dancing around the mid west. I was born very near this week’s Illinois tornado swarm.

May All Beings find shelter and be safe and well fed.

Wonder Wednesday: What Do You See in the Moon?

Super  Full Moon

Super Full Moon Last Week

Sharp Rabbit  in the Moon

Full Moon Last Week

The moon was so close and full last week I finally was able to capture the ???? with my little point and shout camera.

Our Japanese Brazilian student looked at my picture and said, “Oh, you have a picture of the rabbit in the Moon!” I simply agreed with him then I realized that so many people from around the world see different person or creature in the full moon.

I could do a research paper on cultural views of the moon, but is so much more fun to ask my friends from around the world to tell me what they see. I can’t wait to hear your stories of: What You see in the Moon.

I looked up Rabbit in the moon stories in case you want to learn more about this willy critter.

Wonder Wednesday: Zooming In!

I had fun with street photography Saturday at the farmer’s market and Gordo’s Taco shop.  There is no zooming in with an iPhone, you have to take a wide scene and then go home and edit  and crop.

I really wanted to take a picture of the little girl peddling her pink bike around the farmer’s market, but I knew no parent would like a stranger takeing their child’s picture, so I took photos of the orchid and took my chances that I would get an interesting picture and honor the child’s privacy.  Same at the restaurant. I was intrigued with how the gentleman with the hat that mirrored the mural. I pretended to photograph the mural but I got caught by the little girl giving me the stink eye in the foreground. I didn’t even notice her until I began to edit.

Same can be said for writing: throw down on to the page everything you might want to say and then go back and edit, crop frame or zoom in on what tells the best story. The story you started out to tell on paper or in pictures might not even be the one you end up with!  Let yourself be surprised. A second set of  eyes might be useful too. Which pictures do you prefer out of this batch?

To see a slide show click on any picture the arrows on the right.

Unravel The Pantoum

The room was filled with Light

At Dawn: The room was filled with Light

Write This Down

A Pantoum

I found a book of writing prompts

2  sitting on a chair beside my bed.

3  What stories will unfold?

4  The time to start is now.

2  Sitting on a chair beside my bed

5  a great angel folds his wings

4  the time to stat is now

6  dawn will be here soon.

5  A great angel folds his wings

7  the room is filled with light

6  dawn will be here soon

8  I must hurry to write this down.

7  The room is filled with light

6  dawn will be here soon

8  I must hurry to write this down

3  What stories will unfold?

Carol Carlisle

Pantoum is a mystical equation according to prompt book beside my bed. I numbered the lines to help you see the pattern. I’ll let Wikipedia explain in more detail if you want try.  Wiki Pantoum