The century plant on Moeser Lane*

is in full bloom.

In the fog

it appears foolish

out of place

far from it’s home in Mexico.

Like me it is a transplant.

Lonely? Perhaps

missing dry river beds

nestling snakes and lizards

teaching the lessons of

quiet and waiting and

the tender warmth of stones.

Encoded in the dream

world of roots and

seeds hitchhiking

from a time when

the sun was huge and near

And is now small and far.

Still there is enough

flickering to burn away

the lie of clouds

to tell the truth

of it’s own fire-yellow flowers.

By Carol Carlisle

Moeser Lane is in El Cerrito in Northern California. Century Plants don’t actually live 100 years but do live a long time. They are  related to that Agave plant many of us have in your kitchen as a salve those little burns.  This plant could heal a lot of wounds.

Weekly Phot Challenge Suggested this prompt

4 thoughts

  1. Very good Carol!!! And what a picture too. Love it!!!
    Been “out of touch the last two weeks. Someone cut a fiber optic line south of Tulsa a couple of times and the internet has been too slow to use. I can catch it a little faster now and then. But in a little while it could be slow again. Keep up the good work and I’ll look at it when I can.



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