Wonder Wednesday: Finding your Voice by Listening to Moon River

I Just saw that Andy Williams died today at 84.  He certainly was part of the background of my childhood. Maybe a little too old to be a crush but the his voice was part of the back ground soundtrack of my life.    I especially loved his Christmas special. It just wasn’t Christmas without him.

Oh those blue eyes! He looked straight at me. I was seen!

There Is a Prompt Here

Listening, and being heard is a big part of our Write For Your Life group (see yesterday’s post). We Listen to a poem being read out loud, then we write, then we listen to  each other read what we have written.  Writing knowing someone will hear you changes us.  There is something about the alchemy of hearing others that gives us permeation we don’t get writing at home alone. We aren’t in the same room on the web but write today knowing you will be heard.

The “out loud” we share today is Moon River. Respond to it freely, get into the flow and see what bubbles up. If someone is around read it to them or the cat or the picture of aunt Mable. Then post it on you blog and give us the link. The final step is to check back and read each others see where they went; it does makes a difference to share!

Write As If Your Life Depends Upon It: A Story Of Triumph!

Beth (rt) with other Members of Write For Your Life Circle

We held our breath all day

that Wednesday after labor day

until the subject line read “Beth’s fine”

out of surgery and in ICU.

We rejoiced!

The clogged artery is clear.

She’s tough at nearly 90, we tell each other

while wait for her to return home.

Then we bring her soup

and walk with her around the block.

Last week I took her to an appointment

fallowed by tea and rhubarb pie.

Her eyes sparkled. Our Beth is back

our writing teacher will soon

return to her place in the Circle.

Then we learn while we were out

“they” broke in and took her

memoirs 90 years of living

but not her life.

Jewelery and money and the computer

were gone in a flash.  No

it wasn’t backed up, her son feels so awful.

As we stand in shock and disbelief

allow Nancy Shaffer’s words

wash over our grieving hearts

“We need the gift of starting over, beginning
Again: just this constant good, this
Saving hope.*”

*from Instructions in Joy

That’s what Beth does, she bring a us a poem to reflect on every week. Then to write as if our life depended on it. It works!

You might remember I wrote In Praise of Writing Groups a few weeks back. So this is our leader who was robbed of her life’s work but her spirit strong. As we walked around the block Sunday, she asks me to look at the blue sky. Then remained me how good it was that we stayed out for tea, because it would have been a lot worse if we had walked in on the robbery in progress. I thought I was there to take care of her but she was calming my fears. She takes her profession as teacher and bringer of peace to the world very seriously.

Dear readers what are the the lessons to be learned here?                                                                                                                1.Back up, back up, back up! (I email everything to myself) Does anyone know how permanent WordPress Posts are?
2.Your living, breathing, life is what is important.

Sunday Post: People With Stylish Hats

Who among you has a Stylish Hat or 2?

Jake’s theme for the Sunday Post was People, and I couldn’t resit sharing this candid from the Solono Stroll. The Lady getting dog kisses is a well known, sprightly octogenarian, who is much photographed. Yes I know it’s Monday, but hey, I’m from laid-back and stylish California. 😉

In other news note my Post A Day Badge.  Isn’t it Stylish?.  If you haven’t noticed I have been doing a post a day since Jan. 1 but it was only yesterday that I finally figured out how to “grab” the badge with a lot of help of my friend.  It’s about time with less then 100 day left in the year. Thank you Lonnie. As always thanks Jakesprinters.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Secret Treasures of the Ferry Building

Playing Hide and Seek at the Ferry Building

I can just imagine running in and out

between the arches of the Ferry Building,

playing hid and seek or tag late at night.

Shadows will trick our eyes so

we can even spy the fairies,

who surly live between

the stone unseen,

and come out only

when the clock strikes thirteen.

Ok I surprised my self by writing a fairy-ferry poem when I originally set out to tell you all about the beauty and wonders of the San Fransisco Ferry Building. Maybe this is more informative than telling you about all the overpriced shops and tourist filling this beautiful old restored building on the Embarcadero at the end of Market St. In SF.  My friends say they can’t take me any where because every thing ends up on my blog, but I’m sure you don’t mind.

I wondered as I posted this yesterday when the Weekly Challenge would be perspective: well here it is today Weekly Photo Challenge Near and Far

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


The century plant on Moeser Lane*

is in full bloom.

In the fog

it appears foolish

out of place

far from it’s home in Mexico.

Like me it is a transplant.

Lonely? Perhaps

missing dry river beds

nestling snakes and lizards

teaching the lessons of

quiet and waiting and

the tender warmth of stones.

Encoded in the dream

world of roots and

seeds hitchhiking

from a time when

the sun was huge and near

And is now small and far.

Still there is enough

flickering to burn away

the lie of clouds

to tell the truth

of it’s own fire-yellow flowers.

By Carol Carlisle

Moeser Lane is in El Cerrito in Northern California. Century Plants don’t actually live 100 years but do live a long time. They are  related to that Agave plant many of us have in your kitchen as a salve those little burns.  This plant could heal a lot of wounds.

Weekly Phot Challenge Suggested this prompt

Get Ready as Uranus and Mercury Shake Things Up

Friday the 13th May Earn It’s Reputation This Month

Life on planet Earth may be Jarring even upside down but try to stay serene.  Today’s post is from my Astrology blog Carolisle

Jarring of nerves is always the case when either Uranus or Mercury becomes virtually motionless from the Earth’s vantage point. With both of these celestial bodies on the verge of stopping  – it is likely that a strong array of tensions are filling up the psychic atmosphere during the next few days. Lavish praise on dear ones and anyone who helps you stay serene and stable when the chips are down. Get set for some early morning shocks, surprises as well as insights since Uranus will be pausing at 2:50AM PDT Friday July 13 (activating 9 degrees of Aries). Expecting the unexpected is advised.

Next back up July 14 Mercury’s turn to halt at 13 degrees of Leo (7:16PM PDT) and begin a three-week retrograde cycle that lasts until August 7.  Back up the Back up! Because Mercury is in charge of all things communication and travel and Uranus rules electronics and new inventions,  so be advise your patience may be tested with all things mechanical that help you get around in this virtual world and on the high way of life. Be kind to your IPhone she’s not out to get you.

In the mean time the fractious alignment Pluto square Uranus is in full swing.  Change, Change, Change is the norm for everyday life and there will be no going back to the “good old days”.

Much of the information is from care2 Astrology

If you would like to know how these aspects are affecting your daily life or and other Astrology related questions I can be reached at carolisle@earthlink.net

How To Stop Worrying

Enjoy the Miraculous Mystery of Now

Because his message is so current, beautiful and wise I am handing over my space today to

Rick Hanson author of Just One Thing

Enjoy now
There’s a profound and miraculous mystery right under our noses: this instant of now has no duration at all, yet somehow it contains all the causes from the past that are creating the future. Everything arising to become this moment vanishes beneath our feet as the next moment wells up. Since it’s always now, now is eternal.

The nature of now is not New Age or esoteric. It is plain to see. It is apparent both in the material universe and in our own experiencing. Simply recognizing the nature of now can fill you with wonder, gratitude, and perhaps a sense of something sacred.

Further, by coming home to now, you immediately stop regretting or resenting the past and worrying about or driving toward the future. In your brain, this rumbling and grumbling – called rumination – is based in networks along the midline of the top of your head; while this helped our ancestors survive, today most of us go way overboard, and rumination is a big risk factor for mental health problems.

Additionally, through an intimacy with the present, moment after moment, you develop a growing sense – visceral, in your belly and bones – of:

  • Impermnence – you see the futility and foolishness of trying to cling to any of the ephemeral contents of this moment as a reliable basis for deep happiness.a
  • Interconnectedness – you feel related to a vast network of causes that have shaped this moment, including to other people, life, nature, and the universe altogether.
  • Fullness – recognizing the incredible richness of this moment – its sights, sounds, sensations, tastes, smells, thoughts, memories, emotions, desires, and other contents in the stream of consciousness – you relax craving and drivenness since you already feel so fed.

For most people, the subjective present is an interval one or two seconds long. It contains the last second or so of the immediate past as well as the emerging present often infused with expectations about the immediate future. It’s OK, therefore, if your sense of the present usually has a kind of temporal “thickness” to it. You will probably also have flashes of intuitive recognition of the infinitely thin duration of now that boggle and sometimes stop the mind.

The present moment is continually passing away, so if you try to hold onto it in any way – such as by remembering it or forming ideas about it – you are no longer in the present. Therefore, relax. Open to this moment. Not planning, not worrying, not lost in thought.

Instead of seeing yourself moving through time, explore the sense of being an ongoing presence, an awareness, through which time moves. Let the world come to you. Recognize that sights and sounds and all other mental phenomena appear without effort. You don’t have to do anything to be here now; you’re already here now. Let go some more.

Be aware of a single inhalation. Don’t try to sense or understand it as a whole. Allow yourself to be with this moment of sensation without remembering what was or wondering what will be. The same with a single exhalation, and then with breathing altogether.

Letting go, letting go.

Be particularly aware of endings, of sounds changing and thus disappearing in the instant of hearing, of each moment of consciousness altering and thus ending to be replaced by another one. (If you get frightened or disoriented by a growing sense of the vanishingness of each appearance of reality, focus on something concretely pleasurable and reassuring, like the sensation of flannel against your cheek or the touch of someone who loves you.)

Then be particularly aware of emergings, of the arising of matter and energy in the world and the arising of appearances – perceptions, thoughts, longings, etc. – in the inner one. Let go into feeling buoyed by the uprising swelling of this moment congealing into existence, endlessly renewed by the next emerging. Open to trusting in this process, like a wave continually carrying you even as it continually breaks into foam.

Above all, open to the enjoyments available in this moment, even if it is a hard one. No matter how bad it is, it is nurturingly remarkable that it is at all. I don’t mean this in any kind of sentimental, rose-colored-glasses kind of way. Sometimes what the moment holds is awful. But the nature of the moment – its transience, its interconnectedness with moments before and to come, its simultaneous emptying out and filling up – and the awareness of it and its contents, is never awful itself, and is in fact always unsullied and beautiful.

And much of the time, the moment will be filled with rewards overlooked in preoccupations with past or future, such as a dense incoming stream of sights and sounds, tastes and touches – even a sense of beautiful qualities of heart like warmth, compassion, sweetness, friendliness, and love.

So nourished, so full with the riches of now, who would want to be anywhen else?

Big Full Moon News Flash

Moon Rose

What a night

The  possible big bright Moon shine

beat out both local teems winning

and  Presidents running on the Evening news.

I dashed outside just in time

to bask in the glow.

I  nestled among the roses

the Moon rose golden

a blooming  source so bright

all the growing beings

couldn’t help themselves

so joined her and exploded into bloom

causing a riot of snow

and sweet peas, squash and cactus.

Now that is news!