Amaryllils beladonna

In my neck of the woods

the brown hills sprout Naked Ladies every August. I thought you might have fun playing with the image and the name. Tell me the story of meeting that “naked lady” a la Allen Funt. 😉  And or for any one who want to try:


It goes further than calling a lily a naked Lady or using body parts to talk about where you live.  In Margaret Atwood’s  “A Boat”  she has  “sunset shiver”  and hills  with “their contours of slowed breathing.”

If that is too much

thought for the Dog Days of Summer just try making a list word or phrases giving descriptive, corlorful human and animal names to ordinary nouns or verbs. For example a pastry becomes a Bear Claw.

As Always

You may use my picture to write your poem story but please give me a nod and let us here from you in the comment section. No time limit.

Happy writing!

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      1. Thanks carolisle, yes, I am also interested in homeopathy but in goats as well because we have a lot of blackberries on our farm and goats are an ecologically safe way of getting them removed – except for the presence here and there of naked lady and they do eat everything.


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