Weekly Photo Challenge: Room for Creativity

Painted Room

Painted Room

The blank walls of a doll house provided me a canvas for painting as I pleased. Our daughters was very young. I needed my own chance for creativity at that time. While I did mine Jim and Jessie painted their own house which has long ago vanished with many other childhood projects. Mine sits in the front window of our living room making it hard to photograph.

Whole house

Whole house

Fida Kala's Garden

Frida Kahlo’s Garden. View from her bedroom where she spent most of her time.

Just for fun make room for technology! At a friend’s house.

Here's looking at you. Fun with technology.

Here’s looking at you. Look what we can do with our new tablets!!! A Friends dinning room makes room for a lot of creativity!

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for Room.  I hope you have room to express yourself!

Phoneography: Celebrating a Spontaneous Sunflower

1-Portrait of Spontaneous Sunflower

1-Portrait of Spontaneous Sunflower

Jim cleared out the back garden and this sunflower just “spring up like topsy!” Wether the squirrel or the jay planted it or She is a magical self arising goddess I do not know but I certainly am enjoy Her presences in an otherwise dreary part of the garden.

2-All alone

2-All alone. Native camera

I Celebrated her arrival with a few more photos, Enjoy and tell me which one best captures her beauty for you.

3-Sunflower memory of the Great Plaines. John Ford movie extra.

3-Sunflower memory of the Great Plains. John Ford movie extra. Instablend App

4-Who Needs Seeds?

4-Who Needs Seeds? Instablend double exposure App

5-Lacy dress for evening. Glaze app.

5-Lacy dress for evening. Glaze App.

Sally Donatello creator of Lens and Pens has other images and thoughts of the Nature of Early Summer with poetry.

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Tuesday in The Garden

Coastal Romanesco

Coastal Romanesco

Oh goodness I have been out playing in my garden
I should come in and write a poem.
About how
Rodger’s Red,
Scarlet Runner and Lemon Queen
are having a party in my yard
reaching for the sky
sending out tender tendrils
in a feral and fecund dance
waiting for the bees to arrive.
All I do is dig and poke and water
wondering what comes next.
Costatal Romarnesco
just opened his yellow parasol
Italian squash will take over if I let them.
Today there is room for everyone
even me with no root, or hat
or fancy suggestive name.

Carol Carlisle

Margo Rody put out a call for a poem about growing. She had a picture of a Van Gogh painting of a pot of Chives here’s my Van Gogh-ish Squash blossom

Zucchini under the influence of Van Gogh

Same Zucchini flower under the influence of Van Gogh

How Does Your Garden Grow Today?

Wonder Wednesday: Where Will You Poetry Bomb?

Poetry Bombing

Me Poetry Bombing on April Fools Day. In Berkeley of course.

I tacked my poem

to the tree for everyone to see.

Spring rains foolishness.



The Poem about the  grows on the Poet-tree.

 Between rain showers my partner-in-crime and I returned to the scene that inspired Yesterday’s poem and grafted it on to the poet-tree. I was told by an other poet that she had left poems on Starbuck’s bulletin boards and in potted plants. I encourage others to do the same. Use National Poetry Month to “Poetry Bomb” the world. ‘Tis the most harmless kind of bombing which the Earth need more of. If you do such radical acts please share it with me.You can post them and let me know with a link or comment with a wink and a nod.

Keep an eye out maybe you will see other’s poetry around every corner. Maybe there is a poet-tree growing in your neighborhood. If not its plant one 😉

Napowrimo suggested a poem from Norse Legends: Loci foolishly hung upside down from a tree to find wisdom.

Happy Poetry Bombing.


Nurturing Thursday: Take Off on a Magic Sofa Ride

Cozy is Calling

House bound, imprisoned by the weather, flu or ennui?

Take this as an opportunity to embrace cozy,

Transform loneliness into solitude.

Set off on a magic sofa ride

Dress for adventure

in flannel pajamas and fluffy robe

Sink into soft cushions wrap up in warm blankets

let your imagination take you to

far-a-way places with strange-sounding names.

Meet new people, eat exotic food that

will agree with you.

Climb to great heights and explore deepest canyons

and have enough breath to sing

all without pain.

That’s what can happen when you take

a magic sofa ride!

Brewed in Percolator

Nurture Yourself this Thursday.

Posted in Collaboration with Becca Givens creator of Nurturing Thursday

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Jakes Printers Sunday Post asks for a place to REST.

Phoneography: Watercolor Shadows Series

on deck in the East Bay Hills

1. John and Jim and their shadows

1. John and Jim and their shadows

2 Jim and an old man's shadow

2 Jim and an old man’s shadow

3 Sue has many shadows

3 Sue has many shadows

While sunning ourselves on a friends deck I noticed the shadow began to take on a life of their own as the sun moved toward the western horizon. We usually take more photos of the fog on the San Francisco skyline, but this afternoon the shadow were more interesting. As the stucco was collected and reflected the light creating textures of watercolor paper I knew right away how I was going to edit them to move away from snap shots to Art in a way only digital photography can. Edited this way the photos became, perhaps, illustrations in an unwritten graphic novel, especially with this final photo.

4. The hand

4. The hand

Which one do you like? or do you like them as whole? If you like give make up a title or a story. As always Happy Monday.

Lens and Pens Suggests:4th Monday Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel). (Animals and Objects are themes.) File my photos under architecture and portraiture or street photography?

All Shot with iPhone 4s on native camera edited.

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The Great Magnolia Hunt of ‘014

I have been trying to get a good picture of the Tulip Magnolia over our back fence. Since it was 61 degrees at 7:30 this morning I was willing and able to trot around the garden with my phone and capture the wily Magnolia and a few of her friends.

Magnolia over the fence

AHHH! Finally Magnolia over the fence!

Gracie and the Green Man welcome the sun

Gracie and the Green Man welcome the sun and guide my way

tulip magnolia

tulip magnolia close up

selfie in witches ball

Stopped to take a selfie in witches ball.

Sunrise through walnut tree

Sunrise  over the garage and through walnut tree

walk in the garden

Stone path and my pink toes in the garden…

first grape leaves

After a walk in the garden new grape leaves catch the morning sun and welcome me back indoors.

I’m posting this in connection with Cees Fun Foto Challenge Man Made. I finessed it a little; the magnolia close up is the only one totally made by Mother Nature but couldn’t leave it out. After all that was the goal of my morning wander. Which Foto do you think best satisfies the challenge?

Praying for rain in California,


Phoneography: Nature of The Ford

Oracle at the Ford-Thirsty Stones-Which Speeks to you?

an endless stream singing in winter

1-winter at the ford


2-dark water


3-Through the mist


4-A place to stop and wonder

A ford is where your way forward is crossed by water, a river, a stream in this case a creek; Grizzly Creek in Tilden Park.

According to myth, a woman, an oracle resides at fords and if you approach her humbly she will answer you questions or tell your future. I felt like if I looked into the sky reflections in these pictures long enough I might discern some meaning or auger an answer; perhaps to the question of will it ever rain again? In winter I have to wade to get across but not this year if I wasn’t taking pictures I would have  hardly noticed the water at all it is so dry. To make matters worse I was ignored by the creature on the other side.


5-Aussie oracle

My Request

Thirsty stones drinking in the sky

tell us please

will small birds pierce the clouds

to open the heavens and bring the rain?

What words must we say

to start them on their way?

When will you have drunk

all you need?

I say it’s time to

let go and


that which belongs to


Carol Carlisle

Each Monday Lens and Pens provides a  photo prompt and skill building  wisdom, please check her out.

Nurturing Thursday: Put a Smile On Your Face

Does seeing other folks smiling make you smile?

Have you been told It takes fewer muscles to smile then frown? Try it. What other folk wisdom is there about smiling? Like a smile goes a long way because it has a mile in it. I bet you know more?

I spent a day at a retreat with the Buddhist teacher Thic Na Han, and his message was Smile. Yes there are all the often complicated meditation practices, which I, for one, often forget. But lifting the corners of my mouth up only slightly is easy and certainly makes me feel better. There are scientific studies that prove that smiling has health befits. Do your own study:

Try this:

When I worked in nursing homes nursing homes instead of telling folks  to Smile! I would ask: “Show me your teeth” about 99% of the time I would get a grin and a laugh. Did it work for you?

Once you get good at the face expanding skill try The Inner Smile. Here’s a link from my friend and chiropractor Dr. Linda Berry on how to dissolve distress and build energy and vitality with The Inner Smile.

Finally how about a joke. Maybe an old knock knock joke. Ok you start it. 😉

Did that put a smile on your face?

For more wisdom please visit our Mother Ship at these bright yellow words: Nurturing Thursday

May the force be with you. 😀

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