In Praise of Writing Groups

Haiku Visitation

A haiku lit upon our lips.

Short and sweet

poems flit

around the room.

I received Have Haiku Will Travel from Margo  this morning  and it just so happened that Haiku was on everyone’s mind at Monday writing group today.  The Lovely Lady on the right is our teacher, Beth, who will soon be 90 the other tiny lady on the left is Leisal who is over 90. Kit in the middle is a youngster just turned 60.  Every week Beth brings a poem for a prompt and we write  in silence for 30-40 minutes then take turns reading to each other. The name of the group is Write For Your Life…Which may explain the ages of the group members. This way of being with each other and writing does keep us connected to something deep and soulful.  I feel privileged to be part of it.

Some of the writing salons and friends I have come across in WordPress come close. Margo for one as well as Free Write Friday and Crowning Crone Joss  are creating a world wide web of support and caring for each other and our creative endeavors. May they live long and prosper!

12 thoughts on “In Praise of Writing Groups

  1. What a wonderful blog post, Carol! I feel so honored to have been able to be a part of your group a couple times when out visiting with my beloved mother, your teacher Beth. What a lovely photo.


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