Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag The Sharp Way of Snake

Gourd Bowl

Gourd Bowl with Mayan Snake Design

Mud flats

Mud flats river



Sutter Buttes

Sutter Buttes

the sharp
way of snake
the tender
cloud dreams
of the People.

Carol Carlisle

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for a story told through zigzag I offer a poem to go with the photos. What other zigzags might you add?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Best Morning Ever!

I slept here

Where I woke up on the best morning ever. I slept here,  or I should say I made it through the night here.

Why It’s the Best Morning Ever

This is where I woke up on one of the best mornings of my life. Best because I was grateful to be alive. On a writers retreat, in Sonoma County, I chose to sleep outside while most everyone else stayed snug inside. My plan was to enjoy the solitude and do some star gazing…I left the rain fly off, which means of course, a wild thunder and lightning storm blew up during the night! It was so fierce I couldn’t get the 50 ft. up to the cabin for fear of being struck by lighting. There was no counting any to any number between thunder and lightning. I was truly surprised the tree next to me wasn’t incinerated during the night. For my bed time reading I had been reading a meditation book about facing your fears head on and not letting them get the best of you. No mediation technique could help when as thunder and lightning exploded around me like bombs. At one point before morning I was curled in a fetal position, that is, until a writer friend sleeping on the deck above yelled down EEEEEHa!!!! I laughed rolled over and went to sleep. Friends are the best medicine for fear it seems. Thankfully, I did make make it till morning and even though it was a grey wet, it was the best morning ever!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge suggested Good Morning.

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Write As If Your Life Depends Upon It: A Story Of Triumph!

Beth (rt) with other Members of Write For Your Life Circle

We held our breath all day

that Wednesday after labor day

until the subject line read “Beth’s fine”

out of surgery and in ICU.

We rejoiced!

The clogged artery is clear.

She’s tough at nearly 90, we tell each other

while wait for her to return home.

Then we bring her soup

and walk with her around the block.

Last week I took her to an appointment

fallowed by tea and rhubarb pie.

Her eyes sparkled. Our Beth is back

our writing teacher will soon

return to her place in the Circle.

Then we learn while we were out

“they” broke in and took her

memoirs 90 years of living

but not her life.

Jewelery and money and the computer

were gone in a flash.  No

it wasn’t backed up, her son feels so awful.

As we stand in shock and disbelief

allow Nancy Shaffer’s words

wash over our grieving hearts

“We need the gift of starting over, beginning
Again: just this constant good, this
Saving hope.*”

*from Instructions in Joy

That’s what Beth does, she bring a us a poem to reflect on every week. Then to write as if our life depended on it. It works!

You might remember I wrote In Praise of Writing Groups a few weeks back. So this is our leader who was robbed of her life’s work but her spirit strong. As we walked around the block Sunday, she asks me to look at the blue sky. Then remained me how good it was that we stayed out for tea, because it would have been a lot worse if we had walked in on the robbery in progress. I thought I was there to take care of her but she was calming my fears. She takes her profession as teacher and bringer of peace to the world very seriously.

Dear readers what are the the lessons to be learned here?                                                                                                                1.Back up, back up, back up! (I email everything to myself) Does anyone know how permanent WordPress Posts are?
2.Your living, breathing, life is what is important.

In Praise of Writing Groups

Haiku Visitation

A haiku lit upon our lips.

Short and sweet

poems flit

around the room.

I received Have Haiku Will Travel from Margo  this morning  and it just so happened that Haiku was on everyone’s mind at Monday writing group today.  The Lovely Lady on the right is our teacher, Beth, who will soon be 90 the other tiny lady on the left is Leisal who is over 90. Kit in the middle is a youngster just turned 60.  Every week Beth brings a poem for a prompt and we write  in silence for 30-40 minutes then take turns reading to each other. The name of the group is Write For Your Life…Which may explain the ages of the group members. This way of being with each other and writing does keep us connected to something deep and soulful.  I feel privileged to be part of it.

Some of the writing salons and friends I have come across in WordPress come close. Margo for one as well as Free Write Friday and Crowning Crone Joss  are creating a world wide web of support and caring for each other and our creative endeavors. May they live long and prosper!