Weekly Photo Challenge: Secret Treasures of the Ferry Building

Playing Hide and Seek at the Ferry Building

I can just imagine running in and out

between the arches of the Ferry Building,

playing hid and seek or tag late at night.

Shadows will trick our eyes so

we can even spy the fairies,

who surly live between

the stone unseen,

and come out only

when the clock strikes thirteen.

Ok I surprised my self by writing a fairy-ferry poem when I originally set out to tell you all about the beauty and wonders of the San Fransisco Ferry Building. Maybe this is more informative than telling you about all the overpriced shops and tourist filling this beautiful old restored building on the Embarcadero at the end of Market St. In SF.  My friends say they can’t take me any where because every thing ends up on my blog, but I’m sure you don’t mind.

I wondered as I posted this yesterday when the Weekly Challenge would be perspective: well here it is today Weekly Photo Challenge Near and Far

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Secret Treasures of the Ferry Building

  1. It looks like a really beautiful building though . . . even if the shops are over-priced. Doesn’t cost anything to go look though. (except for the over-priced gas.) lol
    By the way, how big are the fairies? Got a feeling you may have seen a few there.



    • Yes it is lovely. Parking is what is overpriced. If we can we take BART, the local subway. As far as the fairies I can’t tell you if you haven’t seen them yourself. I’m sure there were some flitting around the Novacks’ green houses.


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