At every crossroad
be prepared to bump into wonder

~ James Broughton ~

(Little Sermons of the Big Joy)

An other synchronicity  Monday.  I had this photo ready to go when this poem showed up in my inbox. The whole world seems at a crossroad. I find the best way to deal with life on such a grand scale is to focus on what I can do at each moment. Even when I bump into wonder it helps to take it in gently with each of my senses make it last longer. What wonder has crossed into your life of late?

PS. I snapped this photo was taken waiting for the fly-by of the Space Shuttle last month. The waiting was almost as wonderful as the event.

6 thoughts

    1. Neal when your up and around get yourself an IPhone. It has marvelous camera that you can easily take anywhere and get photos like this. It is as close to have to having a camera attached to your eyes I have found… just trying to encourage you to hurry up and get well.


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