Dancing Around For St.Paddy’s Day

With The King of the Fairies

Because the videos is so magical I hard time getting away from the screen to dance around. I hope you have the Luck of the Irish.

17 thoughts on “Dancing Around For St.Paddy’s Day

  1. Wow, beautiful shots in that video. Don’t dance though. lol
    We have been gone a week to Yale so couldn’t view your blogs. Were home today but going back to Yale tomorrow. A week sure made a difference down her in southeast Oklahoma. The trees and shrubs are starting to bloom and are beautiful. Haven’t started in northern Oklahoma yet. I am guessing that when we get back things will be in full bloom. Don’t want to miss that. Just love this time of year.



  2. Although I have an Irish grandmother, Irene Flynn, I have a hard time with St. Patrick’s Day – a “saint” who suppressed a lot of the culture and creativity. As a performing musician, St Paddy’s Day was a nightmare – a lot of drunks who demanded the most sentimental American version of Irish referential songs. However, your video is lovely, strikes just the right note, I do love celtic music. Long live the fairies of the earth πŸ™‚


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