Lombard Street.Not the street in the poem but a poetic street on its own
Lombard Street…Not the street in the poem but a poetic street all on its own

Conjugation At the Cross Walk

On the radio a nice lady in her soft NPR voice speaks of surrendering to love.
I smile.
In between the yellow lines:
he with his neat Rastas braids and a guitar slung over his shoulder,
she with her careful bun and lighter skin, demurely entwines her fingers with his,
They smile at me smiling at them.
He points to their hand hold and mouths “She’s mine!”
We all smile at the cross walk.

Carol Carlisle

I saw that a Wordle asked for a dirge today… I just couldn’t go there. I needed to commemorate this little moment with a poem instead. 

Ps WordPress grammer police object to entwines. They suggested entwined…not as lovely a word to my ear. Anyone ??? Oh and they always object to the use of lady as not politically correct. Oh what’s a lady to do?

10 thoughts

  1. I always give spell check fits, maybe giggles too. I’m a gal, perhaps a lady only a few times a year.I think of a Lady as one in matching fashion, all ‘dolled’ up with someplace to go. I’m a jeans and t-shirt, get my hands dirty, not so much eating crumpets and tea sandwiches kinda gal – Who likes to be polite. So I guess then if being polite might define a lady, then I guess in some respects I am a lady too… and I still love to hold my hubby’s hand. And I’m with Bert from ‘Mary Poppins’ who sings; ‘Every day’s a holiday…(when you are with the one you love.).

    Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!


    1. I’m a causal kind of gal, too. When my daughter had to deal with difficult administrative things during college I advised her to talk to the “nice lady” at the front desk…it seemed to work every time. That’s the lady I imagine…I try to be that kind of lady. Aw thanks for the Mary Poppins’ quote 🙂


  2. I say when the grammar police stick their noses into poetry, they are not only politically incorrect, but have crossed a line even angels fear to tread. If it suits your ear and your senses, then go with it. That’s how you make your signature stroke, or voice, whatever you choose to call it. I like your passer-by experience, it holds hands with a whole lot of things. Good feelings here,



  3. Lovely love story/

    I’m a “lady” user – and cock a snook at WP spellcheck. Entwines is a lovely word. I also make up lots of words which cause conniptions at WP. There are red wiggly lines under most of this comment.


    1. So reassuring. Ok so I’ve never heard cock a snock. Did you just create that to get a wiggly line. I feel a limbic coming on for day 29.
      There once was a poet in who lived down the block
      Where she got so mad she was willing to cock a snoock
      When WordPress jocks with their red
      lines wiggly
      Put a p0x on her verse
      Till it made her all giggly!
      🙂 😀


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