I wondered through the garden to welcome the May roses and came upon the apple tree  dancing to the music of the mockingbird. She smiled, winked and took my hand to lead me in the spring promenade!

Faces in the Apple tree
the apple tree  dancing in the garden
She offers her hand
She offers her hand and we follow
Don Juan shows off
Don Juan shows off
Petals all a-fluter as we pass by
We stop by Complicata with her petals all aflutter as we pass by
Here Majesty  Rosa Galactica
We bow low to Her Majesty Rosa Galactica
Meet Veilchenblaum violet rose
Meet Veilchenblaum, violet rose, shyly showing off
Unknown beauty  climbs the fence and reaches for the sky
Finally we stand before this unknown beauty climbing upon the fence and join her in reaching  for the sky!

I hope you have a chance to dance in your own garden very soon and take the time to tell me all about it.

Daily Prompt Landscape  this is the forest I see.

13 thoughts

  1. I too name my flowers… I have a white rose named “Hazel” after my Mom…and when I talk about Hazel …they know I’m talking about my rose…and a red rose named “Booker”… a friend of my Mom who gave her this rose …She (The Rose) now has been transplanted from house to house to house and finally to mine…


    1. These are the names they came with but come to think of it we have some roses that were planted for people in out family, There is the Judy rose for my sister-in-law and the rose we planted when our daughter was born just gave up the ghost exactly when she moved out last. Our daughter is fine 🙂


  2. Glorious photos, Carol – worthy of a spring dance! Veilchenblau and Complicata are just forming buds here; maybe another week and the roses will be dancing here too. Thank you for sharing such beauty!


  3. The flowers in your yard are really beautiful. Brings back memories of our childhood when our parents had a lot of flowers in their yards. We try down here but is is difficult because of the rocky soil. Had a lot of flowers around the place in Yale, but last years drought took care of a lot of that. Really starting over up there. The Iris seems to be doing okay everywhere though., I’m glad of that!!



  4. A rose, is a rose, is a rose, is a rose . . . and on and on. What beautiful ones – I can almost smell them looking at your lovely photos!


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