California Poppies attract bumble bees.  Often there are whole hillsides covered in our golden state’s flower, but this year it is very dry. As you can see the leaves are already brown in May and the wildfire season has also started early. Rain is on the way today but not enough to bring back the gold I am afraid.

Sunday Post by Jakesprinters Suggested attractions.

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  1. Poppies are tough–just look at some of the places they grow! We’ve got a beautiful poppy growing out of a crack in the concrete on our driveway. They don’t require a lot of water. Yes, they may be fading a bit early this year. But they’ll be back.


  2. I may have mentioned this last year . . . . but at our age neither one of us will remember it. lol
    Do you remember the yard that was planted in red poppies a block east of where we lived. There was a garage apartment there and someone had planted the yard just full of them. We walked by them going to grade school every day. I always thought they were so pretty. They didn’t get much attention from the growers, but were really pretty anyway. I don’t know much about poppies. Do they have to be replanted each year?? Just wondered.



    1. Poppies reseed themselves,I don’t remember that yard. I didn’t get to Jefferson till the 3rd grade so someones else may have lived there earlier??? Great memory though.


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