African Cannna
African Canna iPhone 4s August 2013

I was startled last summer by rare beauty of our next door neighbors spotted yellow and red canna. When I admired them they told me how they had brought them back from a trip to their home land of Sudan. The bulbs had to stay in quarantine for a number of months before being allowed in to the US but they are worth it to bring the beauty of the nature of the land they grew up with. I’m pleased that the flowers are thriving as well as our neighbors.

Lens and Pens theme this week is the Exhilaration of Nature.

9 thoughts

  1. Unreal Carol. What a beautiful bloom on a Canna. As you know, I am partial to Canna’s. Mine didn’t do too well this year. Don’t know why because we had plenty of rain and the weather wasn’t too hot. The Canna’s at Yale were 9′ 3″ tall two years ago. This year they are only about 3 to 4′ tall. Weird . . . . Great photo though.



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