Wonder Wednesday: Tracking the Wily Flannel

blanket of clouds

blanket of flannel clouds

A Three Animal Poem

Flannel clouds,

rabbit soft,

unfurl like bolts of fabric

flapping like broken winged gulls

flinging out a sky-full of comfort,

marking the time to open

jars of late summer’s spiced peaches

and stockpile scarves and mittens

but best of all  time to

find a winter coat.

Whether hand-me-down, store-bought,

or home-made it is new to you

with it’s big bright shinny buttons,

six in a row, brave guards

against the cold bear of winter.

Carol Carlisle © 10/2/13

Margo Rody  in Tuesday Tryouts asked us to write something about flannel. Check out her post for many different meanings of flannel. I started with a picture of clouds over SF Bay and was soon deep in memories of childhood growing up where there was real winter. Where does flannel take you?

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