I slept here
Where I woke up on the best morning ever. I slept here,  or I should say I made it through the night here.

Why It’s the Best Morning Ever

This is where I woke up on one of the best mornings of my life. Best because I was grateful to be alive. On a writers retreat, in Sonoma County, I chose to sleep outside while most everyone else stayed snug inside. My plan was to enjoy the solitude and do some star gazing…I left the rain fly off, which means of course, a wild thunder and lightning storm blew up during the night! It was so fierce I couldn’t get the 50 ft. up to the cabin for fear of being struck by lighting. There was no counting any to any number between thunder and lightning. I was truly surprised the tree next to me wasn’t incinerated during the night. For my bed time reading I had been reading a meditation book about facing your fears head on and not letting them get the best of you. No mediation technique could help when as thunder and lightning exploded around me like bombs. At one point before morning I was curled in a fetal position, that is, until a writer friend sleeping on the deck above yelled down EEEEEHa!!!! I laughed rolled over and went to sleep. Friends are the best medicine for fear it seems. Thankfully, I did make make it till morning and even though it was a grey wet, it was the best morning ever!

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24 thoughts

  1. What beautiful mist! Have a good time at the retreat and now that you are safe and sound, you have a terrific story about your experience. Enjoy!


  2. Carol, I could not leave a comment on your post for today. It would not allow me to reach the comment section. I do like so much that we both posted images about butterfly milkweed and the monarch. I do not know the name of “your” caterpillar. Also, I do not have that problem with the update. I’m sure that the Genius Bar will solve it for you. Happy Phoneography Monday.


    1. I wonder what not finding the comment was about, crazy tech-knowlgy! I believe the the caterpillar is a swallowtail. They were around last year this time one was on my door step then….I see Apple tomorrow I suspect they’ll fix it or give me a new iPhone 😉
      Thanks for all your support I always look forward to Mondays!


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