but no butterflies 

IMG_0449 - Version 2

I found this caterpillar on a passion plant at our local nursery.


The monarch was flitting around my garden but not landing so I captured the milkweed fireworks. This is the plant from last April’s post. milkwood 3

milkweed 2

Milkweed taken with iPhone 4s and edited with photo toaster. Caterpillar taken with same phone but disappeared from the camera roll.

Ever since I updated to IOS7 some photos for no apparent reason are black on my phone but look just fine on my computer, thank goodness.  Anyone else  having that problem?

Phoneography Challenge Nature

10 thoughts

  1. lovely photos…. I haven’t dared to update my iphone 4 to IOS 7…. hesitant about possible glitches I wouldn’t know how to fix. I just checked my H’s iphone5…I took a photo…he did update and it’s displaying the taken photos in color. Well, good news is that your photos display in color on the computer….Ahhhh…the joys and “wonders” of tech stuff!


    1. Tech stuff indeed, good thing the Apple store is near-by. Thanks for asking the H for me. I just got my husband iPad and I won’t let him update yet until my phone is fixed. I’ll let folks know when I find out Stay tuned 😉


  2. Great photos. I think milkweed is the most wonderful plant. It is interesting in every season.I like both (all) of your photos, but I have no clue about the iphone issue – haven’t had that problem with mine even though I updated. Good luck.


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