While playing with my iPhone at breakfast I took this picture and The Husband began making fork puns and jokes. He suggested I start taking pictures of my fork in the middle of the roads. Makes think of Yogi Berra’s famous quote : “when you come to the fork in the road take it.”

Remember Wonder Wednesday is a prompt so I bet you can come up with your own fork joke, pun or folk tail. Photographers show me your forks 😉

or if your so inclined send your government official a fork. We are at an important fork in the road that could affect our lives for years if we continue down this path.

Let me know if you use this or what you think of the return of Wonder Wednesday .

Photo Challenge Good Morning

6 thoughts

  1. Ah, where would we be with a fork? Probably a lot slimmer?? lol And how pickey are we about which fork we use!! I know I like certain forks over some of the others. Some just stab the food better don’t they. I don’t think we would enjoy life as much without a fork. Sure am glad somebody invented the fork. I never before wondered who, but maybe we could google and find out. Suppose his name was “Fork”.



  2. Ah, your husband’s sense of humor sounds just like my husband’s. We get started punning here and it goes on for a while; we even remember some of our best ones from the past. So, are you going to actually take a picture of your fork in the road?


    1. Punning must be like yawning, It’s infectious! I’m trying to figure out how to make a fork in the road look like anything other than trash, I think Jim is ready to go for it. Can’t hurt to try unless we get run over. Ouch! did I just almost pun? 😉


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