Wonder Wednesday PROMPT: Tell Me A Fork Tail



While playing with my iPhone at breakfast I took this picture and The Husband began making fork puns and jokes. He suggested I start taking pictures of my fork in the middle of the roads. Makes think of Yogi Berra’s famous quote :¬†“when you come to the fork in the road take it.”

Remember Wonder Wednesday is a prompt so I bet you can come up with your own fork joke, pun or folk tail. Photographers show me your forks ūüėČ

or if your so inclined send your government official a fork. We are at an important fork in the road that could affect our lives for years if we continue down this path.

Let me know if you use this or what you think of the return of Wonder Wednesday .

Photo Challenge Good Morning

I’m Singing the Marine Layer Blues

Sun will come out

The Sun will come out…tomorrow, tomorrow

Got the Marine layer blues

and don’t know what to dooooo

My head’s in the fog

along with my dog

he went out for a walk

came back the color of chalk.

cause we’re liven’

where the sun don’t shine and singing the

marine layer blues oooos!

It’s the last days of July

and I ain’t seen the sun

for so long all I can do is cry

and sing the marine layer bloooos

Oh my.

Carol Carlisle 7-30-13

Bay Area Folks feel free to add your own verses.

Wikipedia has a photo of the fog over my house on their entry explaining the science of the of Marine Layer go Here to learn more if you dare.

Cloud Blessing Monday


Gandhi Statue near Ferry Terminal San Francisco

Clouds blessing caressing Gandhi or,

Gandhi blessing the clouds,I hope to send cool calm weather across the country

and around the World this Summer.

What are your thoughts?

One friend said “It looks like Gandhi is checking his phone.”

Wonder Wednesday: A Glimpse of Summer

WPA Handywork

The WPA’s Handiwork at Alvarodo Park

As I picnicked beside the stream below the arch,

I waited like a heron waits for tiny fish and frogs.

I hoped if I watched carefully enough children

with their rippled giggling reflection

might appear just long enough for me to capture

a glimpse¬†of early summer’s promise.

Carol Carlisle

Oh Jeez!¬†I ment to tell you about this picture and suggest a prompt, instead I wrote a poem of my own. Well I hope you are still inspired to peak though the arch and come up with your own ideas. I wonder if there is an arching poetry form? I’ll look for one and you look too, who ever finds it first wins. Oh that sounds like a fun summer game! ūüėČ

Please feel free to share what captures your imagination here.

Wondering on Wednesday

20130515-090108.jpgJessie in Wonderland
I wonder what gile the gimbal and other matters of nonsense preside here? Have we entered “Laura’s World” ? There ought to be a poem or story somewhere among the purple and azure trees. Put words to her wondering, perhaps!
I’d love to hear your musing here.

Cloud Caption Monday Takes Flight in Song: Name That Tune!


How Many song titles does these suggest? ¬†I’ve been coming up bird and wing songs for this cloud ever sense I took it last Friday a Point Isabel facing South.

A Bounce Picture

Here's another cloud and another wing from the same place facing West

Here’s another cloud and another wing from the same place facing West. (The top picture is a different color because I Instagrmed it to help the clouds show up)

The sky above the bay

was all aflutter with

wispy wing-ed clouds.

I held my ground

turned and turn-ed

then my heart

took flight in song.

What song would these clouds inspire you to sing? 

Sunday Post: Autumn Flames That We Can Live With

My mother lived for a while in Louisianan and then Florida where Cannas   thrive.  When we moved to Oklahoma she was always struggling to get these tropical beauties to bloom on one side of the house or the other.  The hot dry summers and the bone chilling cold  winters of Northern Oklahoma were too much for these cousins of the banana plant. I keep meaning to plant some but I always think of it at the wrong time of year.

Last week I captured¬† this picture in a neighbors garden at the “golden hour”¬† when the sun had set the leaves on fire with color. The spider web¬† on the post to the left of the plant adds the perfect fall touch. I’m sure there is a haiku in there somewhere.¬† Anyone care to to try?

Also, as I watch the news of the Middle East, I can’t help think of our Sudanese next door neighbors who brought a rare red pock-a- dot Cannas for their garden from Egypt. It and they are safely transplanted and thriving here in the US.

Jajkesprinters Sunday Post is Autumn this week