Phoneography: Black and White Red Cows

Why Black and White?

2 cows

2 cows at  Berkeley’s Little Farm/Carol Carlisle 10/19/13

As a color photo you have two red-brown cows. In black and white, the silky texture of their hides is revealed, as well as that busy tongue. The one cow was obsessively licking her sister, that is what I attempted to capture. What do you think? Oh, you might like to know, the cows and their big tongues  have been a favorite for children to feed for many years. Does that show in the photo I wonder?

Grape vines

Grape arbor in the early morning light/Carol Carlisle 10/21/13

I see these red leaves every morning but translated into black and white they become something otherworldly.

Lens ad Pens Suggested black and white photography today with a discussion of seeking out and taking advantage of light and shadow to give photos deeper meaning.

10 thoughts on “Phoneography: Black and White Red Cows

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  2. Carol, they both make me smile but for different reasons. The photo with the cows is cute, the second very peaceful. (In your “Lens and Pens” link, you’re missing the “n” in “and.”) 🙂



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