Phoneography: Autumn Flames

Canna Lear

1-Flaming  Canna Leaf

Succulent ablaze

2-Succulent ablaze

Roger's Red smolders

3-Roger’s Red grape smolders

I went to the internet to find a quote for Autumn flame or flaming and it seems there is a cottage industry of images of bright red and orange foliage. So this week I add my leaves to the pile.  Where I am flaming fall is not a metaphor, with fires burning and temperatures climbing everything seems to be aflame.  I hope my weekly mantra of hot and dry changes soon.

Which images burns brightest for you?

Lens and Pens

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twists With Winged Being


Twisted Grape tenrals

Twisted Grape tendrils frame fairy wind chime.

This time of year you can almost see the grape-vine tendrils grow. We almost have to chop our way out of the house because it grows so vigorously.

A  twisted pony tail wearing Barista in a My Little Pony Tee shirt

A little twisted: Pony tail wearing bearded Barista wearing a My Little Pony Tee shirt

I asked him if he was being ironic wearing this tee but he claimed he just liked My Little Pony because of the new animation.??  The photo would be more twisted if he wasn’t smiling so big.

Weekly Photo Challenge Twist Which Photo best exemplifies TWIST?

The Great Magnolia Hunt of ‘014

I have been trying to get a good picture of the Tulip Magnolia over our back fence. Since it was 61 degrees at 7:30 this morning I was willing and able to trot around the garden with my phone and capture the wily Magnolia and a few of her friends.

Magnolia over the fence

AHHH! Finally Magnolia over the fence!

Gracie and the Green Man welcome the sun

Gracie and the Green Man welcome the sun and guide my way

tulip magnolia

tulip magnolia close up

selfie in witches ball

Stopped to take a selfie in witches ball.

Sunrise through walnut tree

Sunrise  over the garage and through walnut tree

walk in the garden

Stone path and my pink toes in the garden…

first grape leaves

After a walk in the garden new grape leaves catch the morning sun and welcome me back indoors.

I’m posting this in connection with Cees Fun Foto Challenge Man Made. I finessed it a little; the magnolia close up is the only one totally made by Mother Nature but couldn’t leave it out. After all that was the goal of my morning wander. Which Foto do you think best satisfies the challenge?

Praying for rain in California,


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers of Magic Floating Leaves

Magically Floating Leaves

Leaf Mobile

2 Leaf Mobile

I’m re purposing this in Cees Fun Foto Challenge Two

Free floating gape leaf

Free floating grape leaf

Ms. Pacman leaf

Ms Pac-Man leaf

They really are floating free. What friendly helper of Mother Nature is creating this magic?

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Phoneography: Black and White Red Cows

Why Black and White?

2 cows

2 cows at  Berkeley’s Little Farm/Carol Carlisle 10/19/13

As a color photo you have two red-brown cows. In black and white, the silky texture of their hides is revealed, as well as that busy tongue. The one cow was obsessively licking her sister, that is what I attempted to capture. What do you think? Oh, you might like to know, the cows and their big tongues  have been a favorite for children to feed for many years. Does that show in the photo I wonder?

Grape vines

Grape arbor in the early morning light/Carol Carlisle 10/21/13

I see these red leaves every morning but translated into black and white they become something otherworldly.

Lens ad Pens Suggested black and white photography today with a discussion of seeking out and taking advantage of light and shadow to give photos deeper meaning.

Sunday Morning Sing-a-long

Pure Joy For Your Viewing Pleasure

A friend sent me this  video of a Little Bird singing with a Bluegrass Band watch in on a full screen and all the way through. The guitarist doesn’t miss a beat when joined by a little friend.

Photo through my back door.