You are my sunshine
You are my sunshine!

Dear Ones,

The days are getting shorter, by next Monday the sun will  begin to set at 5pm and earlier every days. Time to catch all the rays we can! Vitamin D. And above all be the Light one to another. Oh, and make of sun songs to whistle in the dark:  I’ll start “Here Comes the Sun”!

Other who bring light to me and can do the same for you:

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19 thoughts

  1. Well, there is always “You are my Sunshine” . . . . and explain to me how you took the picture. Its interesting Carol. Keep it up.



    1. The photo, well it is a secret 😉 but I’ll tell you. One Rainy day last fall the sun was shinning through a dew covered window and I just took a picture, I just intesified the color a little.


  2. Having been without regular internet connection for over a month, I have become even more aware of how much my blogging friends contribute light into my life. As the days shorten I am so happy to be back on line and to know I will have my community encircling me throughout the grey days of winter.
    And my song contribution………..hmmmm……a camp song which begins “soleil, soleil, montre tes rayons!”


    1. I too understand the missing the blog friends. While I was down with the flue I couldn’t look at the computer and I felt really lonely even if my local friends were calling and checking in, then I realized I missing my wordpress community.

      Camp songs are the best! Now if I could read French but I feel its sweetness 🙂


  3. RE: Shortened days … Although, I enjoy the extra hour for sleeping in the morning — I dislike the early darkness.

    I realize we need “light” in every corner of our lives — and much of it comes from those around us, as well as within ourselves.


  4. That is a lovely photo through the rain. I agree, in these darkening days, we must treasure the light from whatever source!


  5. When days are dark as they tend to be here in the Pacific Northwest, I make certain to turn on lights throughout the living room and kitchen. It would be so easily to slip into a somber mood otherwise. Thank goodness for Edison’s invention. Mother Nature can’t do it all… 🙂


  6. Oh wow, amazing photo! I missed this at the time, Carol but it just popped up on my screen. Today is my estranged son’s birthday and the first song he learned to sing, 40 years ago, was ‘You Are My Sunshine’! Thank you for the lovely memory and the uplifting message! 🙂


    1. 😦 Sympathy but you are not alone and many of those of your son’s generation are struggling to find themselves and rejecting their parents in the process for a time – long or short. It is in fact a generational journey as identified in astrological charts, and one no doubt they need to make. As do we.


      1. Thank You Ross for sharing such insightful wisdom with Jacqueline. I hope your day is a good day today Jacqueline 🙂
        Isn’t amazing how these post bounce around in the either world then pop up just when we need them to guide one another.


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