One Word Challenge: Bittersweet

Bittersweet Sunset

Bittersweet Sunset

Joseph's Coat Rose

Joseph’s Coat Rose bloomed today.

It is a bittersweet that my rose is blooming now. Undoubtably because of warm dry weather. The draught. It is too soon. By May they will all be gone and what will the May Queen wear in her hair?

One word challenge Bittersweet


A Storm Story with a Blessing of Marmalade

IMG_0623Marmalade on pumpkin bagel,

one bite crunch, then

crack! The storm breaks outside.

Does she have time to finish

before running for shelter?

“Might as well enjoy it” she thinks,

“this may be the last food for a while”. Crack! rethinking,

she stuffs the sticky treat into her pocket, calls the

Last look out her window

Just before a storm

dog and they run toward the basement

just as kitchen windows shatters…


Friends around the world this is fiction! Tuesday Tryouts by Margo Rody suggested we write about eating and weather. Having grown up running for the cellar on more than one occasion, it was easy to imagine this story. Of course tornadoes are on everyone’s mind with twister’s still dancing around the mid west. I was born very near this week’s Illinois tornado swarm.

May All Beings find shelter and be safe and well fed.

Nurturing Thursday: Be The Light One to Another

You are my sunshine

You are my sunshine!

Dear Ones,

The days are getting shorter, by next Monday the sun will  begin to set at 5pm and earlier every days. Time to catch all the rays we can! Vitamin D. And above all be the Light one to another. Oh, and make of sun songs to whistle in the dark:  I’ll start “Here Comes the Sun”!

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Rare June Rain


Rain outside the kitchen door

How do I tell you about a late June rain?

Rare around here.

Leaf sized birds

under the rambling rose

have set up

a sweet

a steady churri-churri matching the

rhythm of the rain the

kitchen door is open letting

in the fresh, the

clean, the promise.


pots and bowls fill with grace.

I will save some to put

out the fires of August.

For now I

willingly receive

the blessing.

Carol Carlisle June 25, 2013

We usually begin to get rain in California around December 25th that is why it is known as El Nino and it is over some time in late April, so you can see why this rain needed its own poem.

Cloud Caption Monday: Preparing for Spring

tall trees in winter's fog

tall trees lost in  the last of Winter’s fog

A Wee Ritual for Shaking off Winter

As we say farewell to winter take time to note what has imprisoned you or kept you in the fog since last fall…write it down and prepare to burn it with the rising Sun on the first day of Spring.  Or for fun and frivolity decorate eggs, like you would Easter Egg, but with signs and symbols of  what is begging to be broken open and set free!  Crack that open on March 20th to reveal to golden Sun inside and have a great Vernal Feast!

It helps to share what you are riding yourself of, you may do it here or with someone else:

I am shaking off the the cough that has pestered me all winter! Out Da#% cough!

What would you care to shake off?

Cloud Captioning Monday President’s Day Special: Change

George didn't get us!

Young George didn’t get all of us!

Clouds of Pink

Clouds of Pink Line a road in the Berkeley Hills on the last sunny day for a while.

Just incase you think the sun always shines In California. I actually am looking forward to some real weather.

Just incase you think the sun always shines In California. I actually am looking forward to some real weather.

When I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Southern California in the early fall many years ago it rained every day for months. I was sure I was in the wrong place until one day in February I came around a corner by the University and was blossom bombed. Pink clouds appeared in the mist then came into focus as the flowers from hundreds of fruit trees wisely planted up and down every road in town. The weather can suddenly change, lightning may strike or petals fall and every thing is different. That it happened when I realize I had found my home.
The men we honor today  in the US where change makers, with a capital C. When was there a time a small but dramatic time of change for you.

Lime in the Coconut Song

 Just What The Doctor Ordered

Lime in the Kitchen

Why I Put the Lime in the Kitchen

The weather girl, Sandia Patel with the cute eyebrows,

predicted freezing temperatures.

She showed “Film at 11” of smudge posts and big fans in citrus groves,

Our visiting student from Brazil was amazed and

wondered if she will get to see snow tomorrow.

She had bought gloves and ear muffs just in case.

I put news papers on the floor and persuaded the husband

to bring the potted lime tree in to the kitchen.

Now the little tree thumbs her nose at

the geraniums and grape vine outside in the cold,

while I dance around and sing

“Put the Lime in the Coconut..”

feel free to join me and and Harry

This is for Margo Rody who was feeling gloomy for lack of sun when she suggested the topic of the wonder of everyday thing. I hope this brings a smile and some light to here day and yours.