Shop theater

What was once a grand old movie palace is now a 99 cent store. It might be sad to see the old elegant old building filled with junk, however this store has canned goods, clothes, as well as, fresh fruits and vegetables so it has become a good place for low income and homeless folks to shop surround by beauty.

Beautiful butCrumbling facade
Beautiful but crumbling facade

For me it’s a great place for whimsical party decorations, gift boxes and art supplies. Heck, I couldn’t pass up a $1 pound of sugar. Every time I go to the “dollar store” I always feel like a little girl again going to the dime store with my pennies tied in the corner or a hankie I don’t remember what I bought but I do remember the smell of pop corn and waxed hardwood floors. Daily Post suggested we write about what we desire, well the Palace of my Earthly Desire is: to go  back to Kress 5 and Dime on Grand Ave. in Ponca City, Oklahoma. What is yours?

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  1. I love that people can be blessed by beauty like this and what a great re-purposing of this place rather than tearing it down. What is I desire? To live in community where I can support and be supported by others within hailing distance of me.


    1. The building has been many things. My husband suggested it may have been a dance hall at one time!
      Since none of us can afford the plane tickets for a visit how about we Skype or use face time? I think it would be thrilling to talk with you. The students that stay with us talk for hours with their family or boy friends back home via the internet.


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