Green Man in My Garden
Green Man in My Garden hangs next to a cactus that was brought from Mexico over 100 years ago.

Who Is The Green Man?

Spirit of all things green and growing

Spirit of all things wild

Spirit of all things un-mowed, un-chopped

Spirit of grass in the cracks of the sidewalk and

moss on the shower door

Spirit of the untamable

Spirit of the wind fall tree in your path

Spirit that challenges the sad and timid spirit

 Choose to surrender or

Embrace him, call him brother, lover

Dare to dance with him on the longest night of the year!

Dare to become the Green Man!

Carol Carlisle 12/11/13

Are you up to the challenge? Have you encountered him along your journey?

Just one reading of many about the Green Man The Green Man

6 thoughts

  1. Amazing poem Carol, I have such green man, I often speak with him in my garden and in our cottage…and question is… green man in the garden or is inside on me ? :-))


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