Moon cycles
Moon cycles

This Full Moon Is not just a pretty face,  it is also a signal  for the time of change that we expected would happen during 2012. A time of letting go, ask yourself  “if it doesn’t grow corn, what is the use of it?”

“Tuesday Full Moon is in Gemini. With the Moon in the sign of curiosity and intellectual potential and with Mercury close to the Sun we have an opportunity to take home with us now a non-material reward from the efforts of our recent days, weeks and even years, in a form of transcendent wisdom that will last us longer than any of the trinkets encountered in the current holiday season.

The seminal 20th century psychologist James Hillman says: True wisdom consists not alone in the accumulation of the years but more primarily in the storing up of the initiations that we have gone through and successfully surmounted, and the lessons that we have thereby learned.”

  For more about this Full Moon from Henry Seltzer go to Astrograph he has readings for each sign as well.

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