Sunset explosion
Sunset Dec 17, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Sometimes You get What You Need

Shopping at the big box store

buying trinkets and bobbles

deodorant and electronics

I wonder is this any way to avail myself

of the season’s promised transcendence

when the friend at my elbow

says “hurry we have to catch the sunset.”

Caught in traffic and one-way streets we

drive around looking for unobstructed views.

Stopping traffic on a side streets I hand her my phone

to capture the fire before it goes out.

Unsure of our success we drive on

past no trespassing signs, on unmarked pavement

until we reach the place between earth and sky

the expanse of the bay opened before us and

we are captured by the flame of grace.

Carol Carlisle 12/18/13


What would you go off the beaten path to find?  Also, if you are so moved feel free caption these clouds like we use to.

7 thoughts

  1. Beautiful sunset Carol, and I can imagine the hard way to make a picture …Shopping traffic is in these days everywhere… We don´t have such beautiful sunset because our whether is without sun…only fog – more then two weeks….but we hope, that wind starts to blow and we´ll see sun again :-))


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