“Not Separate is any creature or object–from the Light”. Hafiz


photo 1 How are you connected? 

Once long ago after a small but traumatic accident I felt like I couldn’t get back to being “myself”. I received a card with a heart that had a small crystal in the center, and every day for ten days I used that as a focal point for meditation. I began to think of it as “aligning with Light”. I came back to myself-connect with myself. I was healed and here many years later these words from Hafiz the Sufi Master fell into my lap this week. Perhaps a reminder   I need to rekindle that practice. I hope my words and story are of use for you.

Have a wonderful Wednesday

What reminds you that you are not separate?

I’m “connecting” this with the Wonderful Wisdom of Becca Givens’ Nurturing Thursday

20 thoughts

  1. Dear, it really is time to start thinking about compiling your book of images and phrases that you love. These are wonderful images. Thank you.


  2. Our culture these days does not foster connectedness. That is for sure. Thanks for making me think of how I truly am connected. For me, it is the view of the Pacific ocean from my living room window that makes me feel connected.


  3. I am always looking for the light. On the winter solstices, the darkest day of the year, every tiny holiday light reminds me of the One Light. Knowing it’s always there even if I can’t see it. Stormy


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