First:Just incase your having Olympics withdrawal here’s the most breathtaking Ice Dance Ever

We had never seen anything like it when Torvill and Dean took the ice in 1984. If you are too young to remember this it may seem dated, but previously all Ice Dancing had been old-fashioned skaters waltzes. When he twirls her around horizontally we all screamed like the first time we saw

The Beatles! Our Second Historic Moment

Sorry! Couldn’t find any complete versions something about copy rights.

What I remember about that Sunday in February 1964: My friend Bernadine (who remembers “Oh! Oh! Bernadine?”) picked  six of us in her dad’s 1962 Edsel and took us to her house with the big rumpus room where we watched the first Beatles performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. We screamed and cried then sang just like the live audience. Then on the way back home we sang “Let Me Hold Your Hand” over and over shaking our heads just like Paul. Hope you can “Imagine” us in are cardigans with pelted skirts or blue jeans. For sure we all had helmet hair from back combing and masses of hairspray.

What is your all time favorite Olympic moment?  What is your memory of watching the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show? If you are old enough 😉

Let's Go out for donuts in style
Classic going to see the Beatles Car!!

Happy Dancing!

3 thoughts

    1. You must be about 2 years younger than me. I graduated from high school in ’64.
      OMG it’s been 50 years!
      Sitting close to the TV I remember that. and someone would say you’re going to ruin your eyes. I see we are both wearing glasses 😉
      Happy memories 🙂


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