Cozy is Calling

House bound, imprisoned by the weather, flu or ennui?

Take this as an opportunity to embrace cozy,

Transform loneliness into solitude.

Set off on a magic sofa ride

Dress for adventure

in flannel pajamas and fluffy robe

Sink into soft cushions wrap up in warm blankets

let your imagination take you to

far-a-way places with strange-sounding names.

Meet new people, eat exotic food that

will agree with you.

Climb to great heights and explore deepest canyons

and have enough breath to sing

all without pain.

That’s what can happen when you take

a magic sofa ride!

Brewed in Percolator

Nurture Yourself this Thursday.

Posted in Collaboration with Becca Givens creator of Nurturing Thursday

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20 thoughts

  1. Whether under the weather or it is cold outside — I love to dig into the atmosphere of coziness.
    Hope you enjoy your nurturing and the duration the health blues is limited. Thank you for linking.


    1. It’s finally raining really hard here so we only go out if we have to. Great for inspiriting creative indoor actives 🙂
      You had a sweet winter weather to do acuity, too!
      Happy Thursday!


  2. On, I LOVE it… the magic sofa ride! I’ve been happily snuggled into our sofa (and bed ), and enjoying wonderfully insightful books, delightful daydreams and nurturing snuggles into warm blankets and pillows… loving some books that share wisdom from South American indigenous peoples, Sufi masters, Greek philosophers… traveling and taking in the remarkably similar wisdom of the great masters of the world and time… magic sofa indeed! 🙂


    1. All so wonderful! My daughter just came back from visiting Mayan ruins in Mexico. We snuggled on the sofa to see her pictures and hear her stories this weekend.
      What was your post about it all stars Here? Do sofas count? 😉


      1. ummm…how about…..”this is love that rests in the heart, that lives in the body, that snuggles on the sofa with daughter, that looks with wonder at the photos, that is inspired by the stories….that lives in the house this loving family built. This is the heart that Carol nurtures….it all starts here! 😀


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