Fun Close-Up Fotos with a Pun on Top

Sun Flower
FullSizeRenderGoat Nose
IMG_5528And RoseFullSizeRender

Cee’s Fun Fotos wants close-ups this week and it is National Poetry Month so here is photo poetry with a pun on top 😉

Which image makes you smile the most?

Two Strange Beings for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Who Knew Goats had lower eyelashes

Who Knew Goats had lower eyelashes

Attempting to photograph a goat for Chinese New Year he kept trying to eat my tablet I ended up with wilh this oddball almost abstract image. Now for another strange creature here is a Frankin-plant I call “Dance with Me Henry”.

Coral Euforbia

Coral Cactus and friends.

According to Science Pro Online: “The Coral Cactus is not really a cactus, but two plants joined together to form a beautiful “Franken-plant”. A fan-shaped Eurphorbia lactea is typically grafted on top of a Euphorbia neriifolia or a cactus root stock.”

I didn’t know that I had a monster plant, when I meet Henry at the nursery, I just knew I had bring him home. He seems well behaved and a good portrait photography and for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

Have you ever brought home a stranger? 😉




Goat Poem

Mondrian Goat

Goat at Sunset


Goat pokes his sharp white face
into the end of day

Sheep and Cow’s evensong chorus
have awaken mild curiosity

But slit eyed wisdom

The Man with the bucket of oats
has already come and gone.

Carol Carlisle

Margo Rody  Asked us to go for a walk and be open to the unexpected. During Saturday’s ramble at the local Little Farm the setting sun hit the hillside and light up a goat single goat face magnificently! It called for a click from my camera and a poem.
Happy Tuesday!





Enjoy Earth Day with Silly Poetry

Chicken In a Hat

The Chicken In a Hat  that inspired this poem

What Kind of Meal Is That?

Is a chicken in a silly hat

happier than a chicken in a pot

with yucky celery and a stinky carrot?

Let’s pretend she is a Zombi Chicken Gal

She can become our new pal.

It’s plain you see we made her smile

As she dances on the stove

In her hat of purple onions and a garlic clove.

How about we invite her friend from school

The Goat Fish Ghoul?

To make sure there is enough to serve

We’ll mix up some gruel with a Ghost Cat herb

and add, of course, crunchy wing of Vampire Bat.

What kind of meal is that?

Carol Carlisle 4/22/14
Did I leave any creature out?
Please feel free to add your own.
Oh no, I just remembered Godzilla
He Rhymes with???


NaPoWriMo: Today, I challenge you to write a poem for children. I took my cue from Shel Silverstein who knew that children liked anything silly and yucky, the yuckier the better. This was designed to make even the grumpiest grown-up let down their chin and grin 😀

Nurturing Thursday: What Kind of Super Hero are You?

Super Hero

Super Heroine? Goddess?Goat Priestess?

Delicate and Gentle on the outside fierce on the inside or

Fierce on the outside and a softy within?

I may be the Mother of the Goat Girl Priestess, but today I’m feeling kinda swampy, so I’m wearing a Mother Wolf veneer in the form of an old tattered sweatshirt that gives me strength and protection, it also keeps me warm.

Answer Questions Three to become a Super Hero or Goddess!

  1. What are your powers or how do you bless the world?
  2. What wisdom do you hold?
  3. How will you come to your own aid today?

Here’s some extra wisdom from me: yesterday’s Light Words Waiting in the Dark.

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Have a Happy and Healthy Thursday!