Two Strange Beings for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Who Knew Goats had lower eyelashes

Who Knew Goats had lower eyelashes

Attempting to photograph a goat for Chinese New Year he kept trying to eat my tablet I ended up with wilh this oddball almost abstract image. Now for another strange creature here is a Frankin-plant I call “Dance with Me Henry”.

Coral Euforbia

Coral Cactus and friends.

According to Science Pro Online: “The Coral Cactus is not really a cactus, but two plants joined together to form a beautiful “Franken-plant”. A fan-shaped Eurphorbia lactea is typically grafted on top of a Euphorbia neriifolia or a cactus root stock.”

I didn’t know that I had a monster plant, when I meet Henry at the nursery, I just knew I had bring him home. He seems well behaved and a good portrait photography and for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

Have you ever brought home a stranger? 😉