Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle
Surf boad
Paddle board can’t get you to work but sure would be fun.
Carnival Float: Transportation fit for royalty
Sports Car
Sports Car and my Prius
Toco Truck
Taco Truck doesn’t go very far, just waits for us to show up.
Street Car
Street Car half way to the stars…

I didn’t realize I had such a big variety of ways of getting around until I started searching my archives for this weeks Sunday Post Transportation The Space shuttle shot is one of my favorites. We went out to the bay the day it made its final fly-by on the way to LA  Museum. I don’t have any pictures of our local BART trains. Oh Wait but I do have to another local favorite the Ferry Boats that zip around the Bay.

Oakland San Fransisco Ferry Boat
Oakland San Fransisco Ferry Boat

Which would you like to ride on?

For those of you in the States, don’t forget to Spring Forward.

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