Sunday Post: Billboards: A Modern-Day Totem Pole

Kiosk on Streets of San Francisco

Kiosk on Streets of San Francisco

I was taken by how lonely and isolated this model looked, trapped in a glass box on a cold day on the street corner in San Francisco. I’m safe and warm in my car while other women walk by her not noticing her static icy beauty. I’m sure a lot of work went into this modern-day Totem pole, trying to get us to worship on the altar of extreme wealth.  Come to think of it, I’m glad the gals in jeans and practical shoes are walking on by.

Inspired by Jakes Printers Suggestion of Billboard for Sunday Post.

Sunday Photo: SF Transportation from Space Shuttel to Street Car

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

Surf boad

Paddle board can’t get you to work but sure would be fun.


Carnival Float: Transportation fit for royalty

Sports Car

Sports Car and my Prius

Toco Truck

Taco Truck doesn’t go very far, just waits for us to show up.

Street Car

Street Car half way to the stars…

I didn’t realize I had such a big variety of ways of getting around until I started searching my archives for this weeks Sunday Post Transportation The Space shuttle shot is one of my favorites. We went out to the bay the day it made its final fly-by on the way to LA  Museum. I don’t have any pictures of our local BART trains. Oh Wait but I do have to another local favorite the Ferry Boats that zip around the Bay.

Oakland San Fransisco Ferry Boat

Oakland San Fransisco Ferry Boat

Which would you like to ride on?

For those of you in the States, don’t forget to Spring Forward.

Sunday Post: The Nature of The First Rainy Day

running in the rain

run in the rain

Climb the tree

Climb the blooming tree

plum blossoms

plum blossoms

The Nature of February 2nd

The groundhog, may or may not have seen his shadow today. It hasn’t rained this winter in California until today. Now that’s a sigh. Little girls put on bright rubber boots and flowered coats and run in the rain, climb blooming fruit trees. That much joy is infectious and will keep the rain coming!!!

Jakespriners Sunday Post Nature

Sunday Post: “Fan”tasy Images

Fantasy images from my fan collection

Fantasy figure on Fan

Fantasy figure on Japanes Fan

I realized I didn’t have any any dragons or other magical creatures among my thingies but the images on my fans qualify as fantastical I do believe.  

Korean Fan

Korean Fan with Magical drummers

Classic Japanese image of the Wave on a fan

Classic Japanese image of the Wave on a fan

“Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary plot element, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures are common”

a few more fans

a few more fans

Jakesprinters Sunday Post Fantasy

Now Nut Crackers are certainly phantasmal

Now Nut Crackers are certainly fanciful! Maybe even a little scary. What do you think?

Sunday Post: Perspective OOOOO!

Moon Hanger

Moon All Hung UP

Jake Sunday Post Perspective came just in time to share this shot of the recent super full moon caught up on my shaper’s crook plant hanger. OOOOO!

Big Golden Boots

Big Golden Belled Boots  OOOOO!

Taken at the San Francisco Carnival Parade.

Different views of perspective:

Sunday Post: California Poppies Attract Bumble Bee

California Poppies attract bumble bees.  Often there are whole hillsides covered in our golden state’s flower, but this year it is very dry. As you can see the leaves are already brown in May and the wildfire season has also started early. Rain is on the way today but not enough to bring back the gold I am afraid.

Sunday Post by Jakesprinters Suggested attractions.

Sunday Post Sentimental Value: My Mexican Chair

Little blue chair my grandfather brought from Mexico for me when I was 6. I

Little blue chair my grandfather brought from Mexico for me when I was 6. I took it out into the garden to pose among the flower for the Sunday post:: sentimental value. Those were sweet moments moving this treasure around from place to place while I remembered the curly headed little girl who first owned this chair. How I took the chair to school for show and tell and the teacher did a whole unit on Spanish because of it. This is the only thing I remember Grandpa ever gave me, too.

See it even says Mexico. those are Mexican marigold in the background

See it even says Mexico.. Those are Mexican marigold in the background. Did any one else have a mexican chair when they were young?

for Jakesprinters Sunday Post

Sunday Post: Around the Bay


Jakesprinters suggested bay as a topic. I have too any pictures of San Francisco Bay to even begin so I picked a few and one of Bodega Bay. For those in know if you look close might see Tippi Hedren in a little boat. 😉 Click on any picture to view as a slide show.

Sunday Post: An “Arrangement” of Stars


Often Called an alignment  the planets have arranged themselves in a parade

The planets have arranged themselves in this rare parade or conjunction. You will not often see Moon, Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Venus and Uranus so close together.

Star Arrangements or constellations just after sunset as seen directly west over San Francisco (latitude 37) Taken from my phone app Sky Map. I was out looking for the comet Panstarrs using the phone app to help me find exactly where the sun had set when I noticed this  startling arrangement of planets.

For more about the comet go to Nasas Guide for Viewing Panstarrs. It has already made it’s way through the Southern Hemisphere and is now crossing the equator towards us in the North, So Sorry Jake who suggested Sunday Post Arragment  that the Comet has passed you by.

Sunset Arrangement Guid for Viewing Comment

Sunset Arrangement Guid for Viewing Coment

 Important Dates:
March 11: New Moon 12:51 PM PDT (22º Pisces); Mars enters Aries 11:26 PM PDT
March 17: Mercury turns direct 1:03 PM PDT (6º Pisces) YEA!
March 20: Equinox 4:02 AM PDT
March 22-26: Mars conjunct Uranus (8º Aries) and square Pluto (12º Capricorn)
March 27: Full Moon (7º Aries-Libra)