I Am a Country Girl
I AM a Country Girl even if I look like a California Hippy.

The Carolina Chocolate Drop’s Rhiannon Gibbens vision of “down home country life” almost matches the world I grew up with in 1950’s & ’60 Oklahoma, except hers has a mixing of races which I never saw. Perhaps a growing honoring and celebrating woman has helped change the world since I was “A Country Girl” The shameful behaviors of our past are being slowly replaced be connection and recognition of one an others humanity. Or more to the point dancing together! The lady making biscuits in the video looks like my grandmother back then or maybe me now.

What do you think?

How has your experiences changed since child hood?

Daily Post Shame

9 thoughts

  1. Does that make me a “Country Guy”. Hee, hee
    Yes, we were sheltered ‘way back then’. Things have changed so much. Even our opinions and attitudes have changed from what we were taught. Some good, and some not so good. But what ever . . . . the world goes on doesn’t it.



    1. You can be a Country Boy ok! Sheltered is one word, isolated is another way of thinking about our experience growing up in Ponca City. She says in Country Girl she’s “been around the world” which can often give a person a larger more accepting view of the world, that’s my hope!!!!


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