Poetry Bombing
Me Poetry Bombing on April Fools Day. In Berkeley of course.

I tacked my poem

to the tree for everyone to see.

Spring rains foolishness.


The Poem about the  grows on the Poet-tree.

 Between rain showers my partner-in-crime and I returned to the scene that inspired Yesterday’s poem and grafted it on to the poet-tree. I was told by an other poet that she had left poems on Starbuck’s bulletin boards and in potted plants. I encourage others to do the same. Use National Poetry Month to “Poetry Bomb” the world. ‘Tis the most harmless kind of bombing which the Earth need more of. If you do such radical acts please share it with me.You can post them and let me know with a link or comment with a wink and a nod.

Keep an eye out maybe you will see other’s poetry around every corner. Maybe there is a poet-tree growing in your neighborhood. If not its plant one 😉

Napowrimo suggested a poem from Norse Legends: Loci foolishly hung upside down from a tree to find wisdom.

Happy Poetry Bombing.


8 thoughts

  1. On a wall of the Scottish Parliament there is a poetry wall. Plaques of stone inscribed with verses by some of our great (and often funny) poets. It’s wonderful to read when you pass.


    1. on the par with all the telephone plea in Berkeley I’m sure 😉 Thanks fro telling me.
      Have you posted photos of them?
      Come to think of it Berkeley has a poetry sidewalk with brass plaques of local poets work imbedded in concrete.


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