Lemon Queen*

American Seed

Finest quality

jump uP UP !

Who Remembers trying to sell Brupee Seeds?

All we had to do was go door-to-door

sell enough seeds

and they would give you a bicycle. Ha!

My mom worked all summer

being a census taker

to buy me a bike

it must have been 1955.

Last week I drove in my Prius

to the dollar store for sunflower seed

they are already

up uP UP!

Carol Carlisle

*Lemon queen are the sunflowers we are told to plant to attract the good kind of honey bees, so as to keep sweetness alive in the world.

Nurturing Thursday from Becca Givens

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8 thoughts

  1. I did not know about sunflowers and honey bees … they are extremely important to save. I love sunflowers — each year I say I’m going to plant some — but am always too far behind in time to do so. I wonder if i haven’t started them indoors yet — whether it’s too late again. Hmmmm! Thank you for the information and for linking. 😀


  2. I used to love seeing the giant sunflowers growing in large fields. What a sight. And . . . . wasn’t that a blue bike??



    1. I remember fields of sunflowers in Kansas the sunflower state. Those seeds have doubled in size in the last three days.
      It was a blue bike. So heavy I never could ride it…they wanted to make sure it wouldn’t break it nearly broke me 😉


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