Twisted Grape tenrals
Twisted Grape tendrils frame fairy wind chime.

This time of year you can almost see the grape-vine tendrils grow. We almost have to chop our way out of the house because it grows so vigorously.

A  twisted pony tail wearing Barista in a My Little Pony Tee shirt
A little twisted: Pony tail wearing bearded Barista wearing a My Little Pony Tee shirt

I asked him if he was being ironic wearing this tee but he claimed he just liked My Little Pony because of the new animation.??  The photo would be more twisted if he wasn’t smiling so big.

Weekly Photo Challenge Twist Which Photo best exemplifies TWIST?

11 thoughts

  1. Dear Carol:

    I have enjoy receiving your daily posts. I think a received your website from someone at UUCB over a year ago?

    I haven’t responded before, but for some reason this one attracted strongly . . . maybe the wonderful earthly and magical images of the grapevine . . . maybe the big smile on the person in the 2nd image . . . All in all, helpful for my soul today.

    Thank you for your work, Fran Moulton

    Rev. Frances K. Moulton Interfaith Chaplain 510-778-8347


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