Weekly Photo Challenge: Twists With Winged Being


Twisted Grape tenrals

Twisted Grape tendrils frame fairy wind chime.

This time of year you can almost see the grape-vine tendrils grow. We almost have to chop our way out of the house because it grows so vigorously.

A  twisted pony tail wearing Barista in a My Little Pony Tee shirt

A little twisted: Pony tail wearing bearded Barista wearing a My Little Pony Tee shirt

I asked him if he was being ironic wearing this tee but he claimed he just liked My Little Pony because of the new animation.??  The photo would be more twisted if he wasn’t smiling so big.

Weekly Photo Challenge Twist Which Photo best exemplifies TWIST?

The Great Magnolia Hunt of ‘014

I have been trying to get a good picture of the Tulip Magnolia over our back fence. Since it was 61 degrees at 7:30 this morning I was willing and able to trot around the garden with my phone and capture the wily Magnolia and a few of her friends.

Magnolia over the fence

AHHH! Finally Magnolia over the fence!

Gracie and the Green Man welcome the sun

Gracie and the Green Man welcome the sun and guide my way

tulip magnolia

tulip magnolia close up

selfie in witches ball

Stopped to take a selfie in witches ball.

Sunrise through walnut tree

Sunrise  over the garage and through walnut tree

walk in the garden

Stone path and my pink toes in the garden…

first grape leaves

After a walk in the garden new grape leaves catch the morning sun and welcome me back indoors.

I’m posting this in connection with Cees Fun Foto Challenge Man Made. I finessed it a little; the magnolia close up is the only one totally made by Mother Nature but couldn’t leave it out. After all that was the goal of my morning wander. Which Foto do you think best satisfies the challenge?

Praying for rain in California,


Nurturing Thursday: Encouragement

photo 1

For years I had these words taped to my mirror. They worked for me and my friends who saw them told me they meant a lot to them as well.

About the photo: This juggler kept dropping her pins but just picked them up and started over. I was so impressed by perseverance and self-esteem. Maybe it didn’t hurt that she had a small fan encouraging her.

Everyone and everything needs love, encouragement and support. I mentioned paper whites yesterday and it’s not to late to start them NOW.

My paper white have started to bloom after less than 10 days.

My paper white have started to bloom after less than 10 days. I attempting to keep them upright with grape-vine  stems and ribbons.

Perhaps they had some encouragement too.

Paper whites rooting in the dark encouraged by Tara and Quan Yin

Paper whites rooting in the dark overseen by Tara and Quan Yin.

May each and every one of you know you are love and receive all the love, encouragement and supported you need to grow and bloom.

Nurturing Thursday is the brain child of Becca Givens for more nurturing or to join our merry band of bloggers feel free to visit her site.

Happy Nurturing Thursday.

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Wonder Wednesday: What Patterns Do you Live By?

The Earth spinning around the sun,

the sun’s voyage through the Milky Way,

Stonehenge, the Mayan and

the greasy girlie pin-up calendar,

love sonnets and silly limericks, as well,

all bow to Chronos as keeper of time.

I prefer the God Chiron

whose chaos creates the irregular verse

of Autumn leaves.

Since we just enacted the drama of a 4 year election cycle we might want to consider (which means with the stars) How do you mark the Days of Your Life? Or What are the landmarks you navigate by?

A Chance to Dance

Grape Moon

To go out in the middle of the night,

is foolish enough, but to attempt

to rescue the moon caught in the grapevine

I must have been out of my mind.

Oh, but I’d do it all again

for a chance to dance

with the moonlight

’til we’re both free.

Carol Carlisle