1-Portrait of Spontaneous Sunflower
1-Portrait of Spontaneous Sunflower

Jim cleared out the back garden and this sunflower just “spring up like topsy!” Wether the squirrel or the jay planted it or She is a magical self arising goddess I do not know but I certainly am enjoy Her presences in an otherwise dreary part of the garden.

2-All alone
2-All alone. Native camera

I Celebrated her arrival with a few more photos, Enjoy and tell me which one best captures her beauty for you.

3-Sunflower memory of the Great Plaines. John Ford movie extra.
3-Sunflower memory of the Great Plains. John Ford movie extra. Instablend App
4-Who Needs Seeds?
4-Who Needs Seeds? Instablend double exposure App
5-Lacy dress for evening. Glaze app.
5-Lacy dress for evening. Glaze App.

Sally Donatello creator of Lens and Pens has other images and thoughts of the Nature of Early Summer with poetry.

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18 thoughts

  1. Thank you Sally. The most beautiful processing doesn’t have to be the hardest. I’m learning to train my eye I suspect, thanks to my Monday Photo Class with you.
    Happy First Monday Of June!!!


  2. The original is beautiful! And the one showing it standing so tall and upright such a cheery sight. Of the app’d ones, I love the one with the seeds in the background. Very apropos. Happy Monday and happy June!


  3. In winter I feed birds with sunflowers seeds. And in spring and summer grow me up beautifull yelow flowers under the feeder…:-)
    I like number 1 and 5 ..number 5 looks like woven from wool 🙂 (sorry for my English,I hope you understand 🙂 )


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