Three Angels Only One Tree

Gloria and Friends
Gloria and Friends

Gloria is the tiny drumming angel just below rt of the big Mandolin-Playing  girl on top. Gloria is our first angel topper, as a couple 30+ years ago. On the cabinet is a beautiful golden Angel a gift from Marie our favorite Czech student visitor. Maybe we should we get three trees?
Are you star people or angel people

Welcome to this year’s Charity Christmas Tree Topper Photography Challenge.

Last year you helped Hugh raise £250 for The Alzheimer’s Society by participating in his Christmas Tree Topper Photo challenge.  This year he’s decided to run the same challenge again and to donate the money to The Dogs Trust. He will donate £1 to The Dogs Trust for every Christmas Tree Topper photo that is posted here on Planet Blog up to a maximum of £250.  Please join Charity Tree Topper Challenge Here by posting your photos and stories of what’s A-top your Tree This year. 

More Cheer from Around and About for Christmas Trees Around the World

I first found about this challenge on Tea and Paper. Are you an angel family or do you prefer stars or something else?  I would love to see what tops your tree let me know when you share yours.

Happy count down to Christmas.

20 thoughts

  1. Hi Carol, your angels are beautiful, interesting the names you have chosen for them. It’s missing one ‘r’ from your title 😉 Thanks so much for linking my blog and joining Hugh’s challenge, he is a great friend.


  2. Hi Carol, your Angels are certainly very beautiful, just as your Christmas tree is. Thank you so much for participating in my Christmas Tree Toper challenge and helping us raise money for The Dogs Trust charity.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Seasons Greetings,
    Hugh 🎅


    1. Hugh
      Always willing to give our friends the dogs a helping hand. 🙂
      Thank you for doing this, I’m inspired to to do a Charity post myself I aways ask for money for Heifer Project for my birthday this week.
      Maybe the angels will help me.
      Many blessings to you
      Carol 🌟


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